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  • In The Quest for the Last Pharaoh of Egypto

    Bacana 25

    Just drinking a cup of tea, she looks around and shows her smile while hiding her pushy astuteness. Her first impression also hides an intrepid journey full of adventures. She left her job at a law firm in Santo Domingo and decided to live like Indiana Jones for the last 12 years. She holds an undaunted determination and a sense of adventure like those who explored the Pyramids of Egypt, Kathleen Martinez is looking for the tomb of Cleopatra VII. Her perseverance is curse-safe.

  • Armando E. D`Alessandro L. “The Commodore”

    Armando E. D`Alessandro L. “The Commodore”

    The poet Antonio Porpetta says that when the sun goes down, the angels of the sea drag out the drowned ones to nearby beaches to save their lives. With such a lifeguard spirit, the Dominican Marine Rescuers (Auxiliares Navales Dominicanos “AND” as in Spanish) has been around since 2009. Armando D`Alessandro is the head of this organization that works towards the general welfare to look after the unprotected ones, sometimes the sea suddenly put them at risk and that is when the AND comes around to help. It is a 24-hour service that is alert and stay active permanently, according to the records, it has saved around 400 victims since its beginning.

  • Riccie Oriach, The colors of music

    Riccie Oriach,  The colors of music

    Fusion is nowadays present in the new generation of Dominican musicians and song-writers. They keep faith in such a fusion and the authenticity of local rhythm in every Caribbean beat. Riccie Oriach is a living example. He is an artist with a rock ´n roll soul. Sometimes a bit shy, yet with a particular human sensibility that makes his lyrics be somewhat personal, with an acid and satirical sense of humor. He compiles childhood memories and day-to-day anecdotes. He likes including vibrant tropical and colorful characters mixed up with some bachata, merengue, cumbia, gagá, rock, jazz, metal, guaguancó or zarandunga. All these rhythms invite everyone to dance. Music connects so easily with people. The spectators get hypnotized not only by the rhythms, but also with the good vibes of his bandmates.    

  • Why do we cry?

    Why do we cry?

    Pediatric consultation. Mothers from different professions and lifestyles take their children and babies to the specialist. All of them have one thing in common: children crying with intensity. It could be hunger, cold, fear or pain, but they all have the same behavior. First-time moms act alarmed and despaired, while the experienced ones already have a consolidated idea in their subconscious: in the absence of oral language, children cry to ask for the care and attention they require from adults. A mechanism that guarantees their survival. Something that already was analyzed by Darwin in his famous Theory of Evolution.

  • Dante Cucurullo, a musician by profession

    Dante Cucurullo, a musician by profession



    Synonymous with music, rhythm and passion that could define Dante, son of a musician who born with the gift of having a powerful ear, he does not had an easy life because at that time music was associated with a bohemian life. Such was the talent of his father, a doctor by profession, when he played the piano could attract people around his house like Pied Piper of Hamelin.

  • Hector Anibal, a multifaceted artist of the reinvention

    Hector Anibal, a multifaceted artist of the reinvention

    In the middle of a backdrop of political and social instability, limited to military disobedience that put in game the government of President Joaquin Balaguer, when Dominican society still was alarmed after the murder of journalist Orlando Martinez, in San Francisco de Macoris a baby is born, on February 26, 1975, the singer, producer and actor, Hector Anibal Estrella Pantaleon.

  • Maria Marte’s return to RD Serrania School, her volunteering project

    She began her journey from Jarabacoa more than fifteen years ago to lead one of the most important and elitist kitchens in Madrid, El Club Allard. According to her, now it is time to put "her grain of sand" and help Dominican women to receive a professional culinary training.

  • The queen of 15 seconds, Killadamente

    The queen of 15 seconds, Killadamente

    The hyperconnected world and the game rules resulting from this new way of networking and interacting, has given opportunities to new celebrities within the digital world, or what have been called: Youtubers.

  • Pavel Nuñez

    Pavel Nuñez

    Mieses Burgos says in one of his poems that spring songs are the smell of the wet ground, the singing barefoot voices, and treetops sounds. Sort of bohemian, very similar to a contemporary juggler, Pavel Nuñez brings back those sounds to life through his guitar chords. His dedication, connection with the public, and romantic melodies have made him one of the most famous Dominican musicians.

  • Four decades of the Fusion Queen

    It is hard to explain, but when you’re close to singer and songwriter Xiomara Fortuna, you can feel her strong personality surrounding yourself and filling the entire place. I felt that when we met at his colonial house in Gazgue. Her powerful but balanced temperament reminded me, by her style and her background, of the writer Tony Morrison, one of the most influential voices in favor of civil rights.