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  • Talking with

  • Julio Iglesias ....Hey

    Julio Iglesias

    In this interview we discovered a close, friendly and humorous person, we especially noted his sympathy. We chatted in a relaxed way with one of the greatest ambassadors of Dominican Republic, land that captivated him many years ago and country he chose to watch his young children (Miguel, Alejandro, Victoria, Cristina and William) grow.

  • Alexa Torres and Norma García

    Alexa Torres

    A ballet performance in Miami was enough to Alexa Torres to decide her professional future when she was three. At that age, most girls see themselves in the artists and want to be like them, but later they forget everything.

  • Maridalia Hernández, Pura Sangre

    Maridalia Hernández

    Our footsteps sank into the worn out sidewalks of the Colonial Zone and took us to the divine micro city that mixes the eras. That sunny September morning, had brought us something better than the usual eternal summer heat in Santo Domingo.

  • David Bisbal, Latinheart

    David Bisbal

    Over 10 years have passed since the professional life of David Bisbal changed course. A tireless fighter who didn’t stop until he fulfilled his dream. The beginnings were hard but every time a door closed a window opened.

  • D. Miguel Fluxá, CEO of Iberostar Group; entrepreneurial spirit

    Miguel Fluxá

    By going into one of these stunning resorts in Punta Cana, the splendor leads us to think that behind this concept there is a large impersonal corporation.

  • Juan Basanta Ortiz; Quiet everybody, action!

    Juan Basanta Ortiz

    It is about eleven o’clock in the morning and his offi ce is in turmoil, there are people everywhere focused on their work that far from provoking a sense of “chaos” it leaves us the feeling of a team working perfectly.

  • Juan Magán, The king of Electro Latino

    Juan Magán

    Having one's feet on the ground without losing the north at any time Juan Magán manages each of his successes. Neither prizes nor nominations and successes have estranged from people, he is so close and dedicated that becomes your friend very quickly after coming into contact with you, and makes you feel as you always know him.

  • Talking with Freddy García

    Freddy Ginebra

    Freddy Ginebra has a special aura, I do not know very well how the angels are but if I let my imagination run away it is probably they resemble him very much.

  • Silvio Rodríguez, "la Nueva Trova"

    Silvio Rodríguez

    Silvio Rodríguez comes with poetry made song. The cloth of his verses looks harmonious musical courts costumes of all time. The Caribbean can’t lock him up because his music and ardent lyrics go beyond the waves and coasts.

  • Mary Marte, the best of the best

    María Marte

    A lifetime of hard work and struggle with humility, tenacity and determination, capitalizing on opportunities arranged with talent and vocation. She is a pride for our country, with that smile that lights up every room overflowing of creativity.

  • Life According to Poteleche


    The genius of this artist has become a benchmark of creativity and Dominican everyday life.

  • Sócrates Mckinney, The Czar of Dominican Fashion

    Sócrates Mckinney

    There are people whose name is perfectly related to them and, as a plan of fate, they have the mission to go beyond any obstacle. Undoubtedly, Sócrates Mckinney is one of them.

  • Dominican fashion, an Industry Constantly Changing

    Dominican fashion

    It is said by Héctor Manuel Valdez, a Dominican film director, in his documentary "Republic of Color", Dominican Republic is colored by its landscapes, its coastline, its sun and its sunsets. For this reason, perhaps, in the fashion industry, the great representatives have gathered color and texture in the arrangement of their creations. Designers like Socrates Mckinney or Jose Jhan are examples of this.

  • Marta González; Glamor face and talent of the Dominican film

    Marta González

    Henry Graham Greene, British writer, scriptwriter and critic said that there is always a moment in childhood when the door opens and let the future in.

  • Isabel Allende, What she hides behind the pen

    Isabel Allende

    There are people who do not need presentation because the first name speaks for itself. Have you already read Isabel’s last book?, and it goes without saying that we refer to Isabel Allende. It’s not for nothing, she is the writer who has sold more books written in Spanish language, her works have been translated from Spanish into more than 35 languages and only her first novel has sold more than sixty million copies worldwide.

  • Aisha Syed Castro, the prodigious violinist

    Aisha Syed Castro

    Japanese teacher Masaaki Suzuki, conductor, organist and harpsichordist says that Christian faith is needed to play Bach in a profound way.

  • Paola Santana Mateo, Dominican winds in Silicon Valley


    A famous song by Ruben Blades says that “life is full of surprises” and Paola Santana Mateo is a proof of that. This young lady found her first job in the Constitutional Court as lawyer.

  • Manny Cruz, passion as a loyal reflection of the attraction

    Manny Cruz

    We reunited at De Las Américas Airport (DR). He just got back from the US, after singing at the Miss Ohio Latina. Me, saying goodbye to a close friend. Among long conversations and dense catch up, we ended up coming back to our origin. Him, as the interviewee and me as the interviewer, a relentless investigator.

  • Ella, Gabriella Lenzy

    Gabriella Lenzy

    At her twenty Gabriela Lenzy excels in the world of fashion. Despite his young age already has a promising career, highlighting among the best top models at the time parading for leading brands worldwide.