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  • Mind and body

  • Personal Coaching Achieve your goals

    Personal Coaching

    Humans are a social being by nature from birth we are surrounded by influences, norms, values and beliefs that shape and define our behavior and help us to slowly build our own identity, this process involves making choices and thus adapting to the environment in which we live. The construction of this identity marks our character, vision of the world around us, and relationship with others.

  • The Decision Tree, How can it help us?


    As an entrepreneur you have to make decisions constantly, and each of them implies a strategy taking into account complex and simple details involving such decision in order to get the best personal and business outcomes.

  • Ulysses Syndrome: in distant lands

    Ulysess Syndrome

    In recent years, the number of people that has left their countries in search of career opportunities has increased due to changes in global economies.

  • Say NO, What do People Think About Us if We Say No?

    Say No
    No, it’s a word hard to add to our vocabulary and society in general, has given it quite negative connotations.
  • Your inner dialogue


    Do you hear an inner little voice that leads your days to something pleasant or to a real disaster that ends up in exhaustion? Do you recognize that voice? Take it easy, you are not crazy,

  • Meditation, connecting with your inner self


    Each person is as vast as the universe itself, reason why there isn’t a single meditative formula, there are different paths and tools to reach a state of peace, interior communion with the world.

  • Learning how to be parents for teenagers

    Parents for teenagers

    Finding balance and proper communication between parents and teens seems, most of the time, an impossible challenge to overcome.

  • The Control of Breathing


    The songwriter, Pablo Milanés says that in life, we need to constantly search for reasons to carry on breathing. We are continually breathing and we automatically adequate our heart rate to the activity we are performing.

  • Subconscious: Nature of reality

    Mind and body

    Throughout history search and understanding of the nature of reality has been a constant concern subject to debate by philosophers, scientists and religions.

  • The power of mind in our decisions

    The power of mind in our decisions

    We all have heard in some occasion that a positive attitude can overcome a disease more quickly or how does daily stress and worries reduce our immune response. I ask myself however, how has been demonstrated the relationship between a positive mental attitude and disease. I mean, how does affect mind on the body?

  • Forgiveness is Healthy

    Forgiveness is Healthy

    A Spinoza phrase says that repentance is not a virtue because it does not come from the reason. There are many theories linked to the understanding of forgiveness, which relate reason to emotions. Understanding forgiveness as a process of liberation is a slogan advocated by psychology and philosophy. It is a capacity that was inherited from religion but now has a more secular denotation, based on reflection and meditation.

  • Empathy, put yourself in my place

    Empathy, put yourself in my place

    It seems kind of trivial, but the phrase "put yourself in someone else's shoes" is a categorical affirmation which explains that only if you imagine being in someone else’s situation, is when you could realize the real problem they are experiencing. If not, then ask yourself how many times have you seen someone crying and, and even without knowing his reasons, have you felt identified?