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Bacana , para ver y ser visto

  • Lifestyle

  • Juanillo Cap Cana, A haven of peace

    Tranquility. A place where you can unwind and enjoy life. That is what the house we show in this number transmits, a home surrounded by nature in which palms take on a role as the protagonists. It has direct access to a private beach

  • The energy of water and nature

    Villa in Cap Cana

    Water is the main protagonist of this villa that fits in nature where internal and external parts fuse together. The positive energy provided by the liquid element results in fresh sensations from anywhere in the house.

  • Villa2, In the heart of The Marina

    Villa2 in La Marina

    Villa 2 is located in the resort of Cap Cana. It is one of the very few villas built in the luxurious residential development of Isla Grande at Puerto Marina: an artificial oasis on the Caribbean Sea that offers its residents a private access to Cap Cana’s Marina in a privileged and safe environment.

  • DayDream Festivial Punta Cana 2017, a Musical Dream

    DayDream Festivial Punta Cana 2017
    The Daydream Festival was born in Belgium, 2010 and since then, its success has just increased year after year, becoming one of the most important events of electronic music. It is remarkable for its staging featuring medieval castles, fairy tales, fauns and other fantastic characters, colors and lights in an amazing atmosphere.
  • Villa Anacaona, un paraíso perdido

    Villa Anacaona

    This magnificent Villa Anacaona is located in the gorgeous beach town Cabrera at Maria Trinidad Sanchez province. It is placed on the eastern end of the country’s north coast.

  • Caribbean warmth. Arrecife, Punta Cana

    Arrecife Punta Cana

    Located within the private residential area of Arrecife and as part of the gated community of Punta Cana Resort & Club on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, was built more than eight years ago.

  • Loma Esperanza, with sea views

    Loma Esperanza

    This six-room sea view house is the perfect setting for nature lovers.

  • Hernán Arriaga, Cosmopolitan vision

    Hernán Arriaga

    The history of international designer, Hernan Arriaga, is known in the Dominican Republic because of his work in decorating the house of a Dominican friend, Carlos Malla.

  • Beauty, unique within the wonderfull environment. Villa Agapi

    Villa Agapi

    Set on a one-acre lot this property is developed on two levels for a total of approximately 16,673 square feet.

  • Natureza Furniture with its own identity

    When we created our home or a place where we want the warmth that envelops us welcome us, we must have spaces that stand out for their uniqueness. Specifically looking for this, we discovered a wood craftsman that a few years ago gave birth to originals, specials and different furniture.

  • Garden of Eden at home

    Garden of Eden at home

    From the paradisiacal Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden, to the Hebrews garden of exodus in the ancient Egypt, among all types of existing gardens, one of the most exotic has been the tropical garden. It could be for the strange combination of long days, frequent rains and high temperatures, which causes plants growing with large leaves and flowers that are originally from tropical climate regions such as Southeast Asia, Northern Australia, the Caribbean, the countries of the Pacific Islands, Central America and Equatorial Africa.

  • Home in a luxury villa

    Home in a luxury villa

    It is easy to see impressive sophisticated and luxury mansions in Cap Cana. Finding a villa that can be a home is what we disco vered in this house made with of all the imaginable details, but with a home-like aroma.

  • Tones and colors

    Tones and colors

    The rush we live every day makes us look for homes in which we feel relaxed and full of peace. In eastern Zen culture, line, shape, space, light, and material are essential elements. The furniture design is based on simplicity and naturalness. It is crucial to preserve the natural wood color combining it with neutral tones, like white and gray or other colors, but always low-saturated.