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  • Amebiasis, The villain of the Caribbean


    Wanting to blend in 100% into the culture of a country can take a toll on the tourists. Many visitors are tempted to try food from the “street” without first assessing the food handling and hygiene of the spots. Hence the amebiasis is one of the most common infections in foreigners coming to the country for long periods.

  • Ciguatera: Food poisoning in tropical areas


     caused by eating fish that lives in coral reefs. These fishes eat different toxins, one of which is called ciguatoxin, when feeding on algae adhered to corals.

  • Female Sexual Dysfunction: desire disorder

    Dra. Aimee Cecilia Suero Moquete

    Sexual dysfunction is a problem that affects both men and women. In women there are four different types of sexual problems.

  • Diabetes Mellitus: The pandemic of the century


    Nowadays diabetes mellitus (DM) is considered as the pandemic of the century, the world has more than 347 million people affected by this disease.

  • Self-confidence and Optimism, The Keys to Overcome It


    In today’s society where it seems that the day hours are not enough, stress is increasingly common. Throughout life everybody suffer episodes of stress which are not always negative.

  • Laser Hair Removal, Say Goodbye to Hair Quickly and Effectively

    Laser Hair Removal
    As the saying goes “no pain no gain”, although it is true that technological advances in beauty have made us to suffer less. A clear example is the issue of hair removal. It left behind the need to keep an eye on unwanted hair in some areas thanks to the advent of the laser.
  • The benefits of cell therapy

    cell therapy

    The Latin American Stem Cell Society (Solcema) reports that there are currently 75 diseases that are being treated with stem cells

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, when minutes count

    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

    An electrical shock, a heart attack, or any other event that causes unexpected cardiac arrest, including sudden death, requires an emergency procedure to save the life of any individual who is in that emergency situation.

  • Beaches, relax and health , medical tourism

    medical tourism

    The Dominican Republic is an established tourist destination for sun and beach. But the island wants to offer more to tourists and therefore seeks to become a health destination.

  • Health benefits of bees venom


    The bee secrets via its stinger a venom called Apitoxin, a highly alkaline liquid that has 52% of melittin which is an oligopeptide consisting of 26 amino acids.

  • Osteopathy, your health in safe hands

    Miquel Roig

    When searching for the word osteopathy we find many similar definitions explaining that this is about a therapeutic method that is based on a diagnosis and specific treatment paying special attention to the structure of the individual and mechanical and reflex body problems.

  • Integral Medical Delivery Service

    Integral Medical Delivery Service

    Packed luggage, bathing suits, dresses and flip flops…all ready to embark the dream trip we have been planning on for months. We cannot control what will happen, yet we can get ready beforehand in case we need to sort out a health problem during the trip.

  • In search of the eternal youth

     In search of the eternal youth

    For centuries, the human kind has been searching for an elixir that could keep them eternally young. Science has taken big steps to make this utopia come true. One of these scientific advances that has sort to speak stopped the aging process, it is called “anti-aging treatment”. It is actually a therapy that helps extend the cellular stability of the individual. Experts claim that the moment where such stability reaches its highest metabolic peek is when people are 35 years old.

  • Smoking, license to kill

    Smoking, license to kill

    According to the World Health Organization, smoking is the first avoidable cause of disease and death in the world. The most recent statistics indicate that spite of the international efforts to reduce its use, it causes seven million deaths a year and has become the foreground among medical problems, and is related with different critical diseases that every day become more important as a cause of disability.

  • Obesity, a deadly disease

    Obesity, a deadly disease

    The World Health Organization (WHO) says that since 1975, obesity has nearly tripled worldwide. In 2017, more than 1900 million adults over 18 years old had overweight, from which more than 650 million were obese. For children under five, they pointed to the figure 41 million children with this disease.

  • Water birth

    Water birth

    Is there anything more natural than a birth? This magical moment doesn’t need to happen in an operating room, there are other options such as water birth that is as safe as any other and provides other benefits. The psychoprophylactic method that takes place inside a tub with hot water and without anesthesia, is totally natural.

  • Mirror neurons

    Mirror neurons

    Why do we close our eyes when someone we love is going to get hurt, like if it were going to happen to us? Why when we see that a couple, a friend, or a relative is crying, we feel that we need to cry too? Seems like we have the ability of reflecting their emotions, like we can feel them by ourselves. This is partly true, and the reason is the mirror neuron.