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  • Destinations

  • Our Lady of la Altagracia (our Lady of Grace) A pilgrimage of faith

    Our Lady of la Altagracia

    It is said that over 30% of Dominican women carry the name Altagracia, either as first or as a middle name, and it is no surprise. Considering the devotion given to the “Protective Mother of the Dominican Republic” many may confuse her as the patron of the country, a designation that belongs to Our Lady of Mercy (Our Lady of Las Mercedes).

  • Loma redonda

    Loma Redonda

    Where silence and peace become allies. Do dreams go to rest, do you reach them, or do they fade away up in the heights? This was the question I had in mind while climbing.

  • Catalina Island, the other island of enchantment

    Catalina Island

    Catalina Island has become in a paradise enclosing the best of the country in just 9.6 square kilometers.

  • Saona Island, wild nature

    Saona Island

    The smaller islands surrounding our island enclosed places are worth a visit. This time we will make a trip to Saona, the biggest island belonging to the Dominican Republic, located in the southeast of the country.

  • Esmeralda Beach, a secret paradise

    Esmeralda Beach

    A white sandy beach, with crystal clear water and palm trees is the image that comes to our mind if want to relax and forget daily stress. It is a scene that is repeated in the numerous beaches that exist in the Dominican Republic, but it is different in each of them.

  • Montecristi a Province Having a History


    History, art, beautiful landscapes and a variety of flora and fauna is what Montecristi offers, one of the 31 provinces of the Dominican Republic located in the northwest region of the country.


  • Punta Rucia, Sense of Place

    Punta Rucia
    In the north coast of the Dominican Republic, there is an idyllic enclave that has been the inspiration to write a popular song, has attracted thousands of local and foreign tourists, and has been an important source of incomes in this area.
  • Constanza, Exploring the Caribbean Alps


    A matchless environment having temperatures below 5 °C in winter, has made Constanza the coldest city in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Its amazing mountainous landscapes painted in white at dawn represent a challenge, even in the Tropics, to those finding at the Swiss Alps in Europe.

  • Puerto Plata, the bride of the Atlantic

    Puerto Plata

    The bride of the Atlantic, which is how San Felipe de Puerto Plata is known, one of the most famous places in the Antilles where pirates and filibusters dedicated to smuggling.

  • Caño hondo, a hidden Paradise

    Caño hondo

    It is very diffi cult to imagine landscapes in the Dominican Republic that are unrelated to the white sands and turquoise waters; but, you can change the saltwater by refreshing waterfalls, this is what Caño Hondo offers.

  • Los Patos, between two waters

    Los patos, Barahona

    A seaside resort that invites everybody to spend an unforgettable moment at the most beautiful and natural destination in the South

  • La Habana, a pillar in time


    Cuba, a short country name, long and narrow land shape, known as the largest island in the West Indies; is the caiman-shaped land placed in the Caribbean Sea that becomes the guardian at the confluence of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Boca de Yuma, an undiscovered paradise

    Boca de Yuma

    Ten kilometers from San Rafael del Yuma in the province of La Altagracia and eastern part of the country, there is a genuine paradise unknown by most tourists.

  • The Mysterious Red River in Dominican Republic

    The Mysterious Red River in Dominican Republic

    A local legend that makes your creativity fly yet makes you doubtful stays around in the Dominican tradition. It is the Eden´s garden. The story narrates about a young peasant who would aimlessly walk around to quench his thirst but decided to leave it in God´s hands after hiking big mountains and narrowed paths. He glimpsed a beautiful landscape full of fruits and flowers crowned by an amazing crystal-clear water river. Right just behind such a dream place, he found another affluent with a particularity, its water was colored in red. He named this luxuriant orchard “The Valley of God” and the curious river, he called it “Red Creek”.

  • Panama 48 hours in the Dubai of America

    Panama 48 hours in the Dubai of America

    Its contrasts that combine popular streets, traditional restaurants and luxury hotels, as well as its uncontrollable growth, make Panama the so-called Dubai of America. An fascinating destination, less than two hours far from Dominican Republic, to which many airlines offer discounts the whole year, both from Santo Domingo and from Punta Cana.

  • Bonao, cultural city of Dominican Republic

    Bonao, cultural city of Dominican Republic

    The famous Dominican writer Cesar Sanchez says that Bonao, as a mestizo town, is the result of many cultures that have gave this land their wealth as a region and their warmth as a community. Main town of Monsignor Nouel, province that carries the name of a former archbishop of Santo Domingo and former president of the country, acquires its name by the power of the Taino cacique that ran the territorial constituency before the arrival of the Spaniards to the island.

  • A weekend in San Martin

    A weekend in San Martin

    They say that traveling is open your eyes to the beauty of the world. In less than two hours from the International Airport of Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, we can reach the smallest island in the world shared by two nations since 350 years ago. Let’s talk about San Martin if it were a Caribbean Berlin wall, it is divided by an imaginary line agreed in 1648 that is separate in to two symbolically: Sin Maarten, the Dutch side, and St. Martin, its French counterpart.

  • Spirit of Freedom Las Galeras, Samana

    Spirit of Freedom Las Galeras, Samana

    The everlasting Dominican poet Pedro Mir, outlined in one of his most transcendental compositions that the Dominican Republic is that country in the world placed in the same path of the sun just fruity and fluvial. A place that is not made to fall asleep.

  • Discover Curacao in 48 hours

    Discover Curacao in 48 hours

    Its name comes from a liqueur made by maceration in alcohol of a variety of orange bitter rinds called laraha, originally from this Caribbean island, which is located a few kilometers north of the Venezuela coasts. Because of its extension, it is perfect to tour in a few days. From Santo Domingo to Curaçao there are connections with six weekly flights through different airlines. The journey is less than two hours.