BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Flavio Suphiatti

Flavio Suphiatti, Agua Menta´s Manager Design your swimsuit

Flavio Suphiatti represents the image of a successful entrepreneur. With only 25 years of age and high hopes, he, his wife and sisters started a very ambitious project, which undeniably has become a referent.

Restaurante Lorenzillo´s

Restaurante Lorenzillo´s, All starts with a pirate in 1683

Legend has it that on May 18, 1683, at the coast of Villa Rica de la Veracruz (Mexico), a French pirate named Lorenzillo and his partner of adventure Agramont have landed at the port after sailing for months.


NexusTours, 20 years in the tourism sector

NexusTours is a leading regional tour company, offering integrated services in the fi eld, with a presence in over 13 countries and more than 34 destinations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

Resturant Yeya, Punta Cana

Restaurant La Casita de Yeya

New opening in Down Town near Congo Bongo. Soul, heart and life as the famous song of Los Panchos, that’s Yeya, an overwhelming personality, an innate charisma and always bubbling over with joy.

Omar Victoria

LMV Advisors, A full-service

Ten years ago a group of young lawyers combined their knowledge to set up LMV a consulting made up of a team of professionals offering a full service by including legal consultancy, corporate, fiscal and financial governability.

Jean Desjoyaux

DesJoyaux, more than a swimming pool, a new art of living

In our particular paradise, Punta Cana, both tourists in hotels and residents in their villas or apartments spend some time almost every day in the pool. This fact puts the swimming pool in a privileged position getting by itself a major importance every day.

Pearl Beach Club Punta Cana

Pearl Beach Club Punta Cana. Pearl of the Caribbean

In the last decades, the ‘’Beach Club’’ concept was born among the most exclusive destinations of the five continents. We could find them in places like Miami, Saint Barth, Saint Tropez, Ibiza, Dubai and Phuket...

Natalia Gaviria

Natalia Gaviria, The soul of Cosita Linda

When the Colombian fashion designer Natalia Gaviria wrote her thesis project in 2007, she was inspired by the fantasy of a woman in profile, Cosita Linda, and thus, gave life to the name of the brand, a fusion of her deep Colombian roots and the sensual flavor of the Dominican Caribbean.
Banco del Progreso

Cesar Alba, Vice President of Personal Business

The Banco del Progreso has a wide range of values including, among others, the integrity in each activity displaying responsible behavior, passion that is proudly expressed and felt by each employee and excellence that represents the constant effort to daily exceed expectations.

Coffee Nespresso

Nespresso, looking for the perfect coffee

Twenty nine years ago, Nespresso was the first to develop the concept of premium coffee provided and patented a unique system to master to perfection the process of preparing an espresso coffee; from the selection of the most exotic coffee beans to the exquisite moment of tasting.


Impergroup, services for the construction industry

Service, efficiency and professionalism. Impergroup has offered services and products to the construction sector since 2010. It is specialized in waterproofing using all kinds of surface coating, resin pavements, walk roads, sport fields in different systems, marble flooring installation, ceramic tile floor and coraline as well as providing special coating systems to protect structures from water and fire damage.

Manuel Losmozos

Supporting tourism development

We ask Manuel Losmozos Vice President of Corporate Banking. In the last years, the Dominican Banco del Progreso has achieved remarkable progress in banking business. Today, we are still in the growing and specialization phase considering that the tourism sector is a good opportunity to offer our products and services.

Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo, Viva la Fiesta

An experience, an intense experience, it is how we can define a night in Coco Bongo. People go there thinking it is a disco but nothing is further from reality as you are transported to a world of atmosphere, magic and fun.

Taches pharma

A new Pharmacy Concept

Traveling opens up your mind, frees you up from prejudice, gets you closer to people, makes you more human and understand the world better. As Mae West says: “you only live once, if you do it right, once would be enough”.

Circe Almanzar The Woman of Industry, Female leadership has a new name

Circe Almanzar The Woman of Industry, Female leadership has a new name

A role model of female leadership and catalyst for change, Circe Almanzar, has been vice-president on the Dominican Republic Industries Association since 2004. She is one of the most powerful woman in the country and plays a main role in the decision-making process of the national industry.

American Express

American Express

The tendency to the disappearance of physical money is a reality, a transformation that began long time ago with the arrival of the cards, but now is accented with cell phones and latest technologies that will succeed that we move out of cash in the future not very far.

Dominikosas, Useful objects

Dominikosas, Useful objects

Generations born in the “digital age” perceive those of us who were born in the last century as "prehistoric", perhaps exaggerating, although not so much.

Eduardo Cruz,  Visionary leadership

Eduardo Cruz, Visionary leadership

In Puerto Plata east and at Samana west, only 38 kilometers away from Nagua municipality, at the head of the María Trinidad Sánchez province, in Cabrera, there are El Diamante Beach, Caleton, Arroyo Salado, its famous Gri-Gri Lagoon, El Saltadero's waterfall and the Cabo Frances Viejo National Park, bathed by the sun and crowned with a lighthouse from where visitors can see the charm of the place. That was the birthplace of the executive chairman of the international holding Grupo Humano, Eduardo A. Cruz.



In the last decade, Punta Cana evolution has brought huge investments, both financial and real estate, which has encouraged the opening of multiple services.

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