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  • Beauty

  • Beauty

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  • Avocado, a true source of health and beauty


    The Dominican Republic is one of the main exporters of avocado. The different varieties produced in the country, allow us to provide of this fruit almost year-round.

  • Bottega Verde, Passion for cosmetics and natural beauty

    Bottega Verde

    Mirca Serri arrived to DR in June 2008 running from the frenetic pace of Italy and looking for a better quality of life for her family. She quickly adapted and has never stopped in their different professional stages in the country.

  • Natural Juice-based Detox Diet

    Detox Diet

    For a natural and healthy lifestyle. More and more people add to the new healthy lifestyles, workout and diets rich in vegetables to look happy and glowing.

  • Eyelash Extensions. An intense look

    Eyelash Extensions
    In the beauty world innovations develop rapidly and increasingly and offer us more treatments to improve our image.
  • Contouring step by step, Playing with lights and shades

    It came into fashion thanks to Kim Kardashian herself and countless women, besides the Hollywood celebrities, have decided to try the makeup technique to look radiant while skilfully playing with dark colors and the highlighter to create subtle definition on their faces.
  • Understanding the skin, benefits of hydration

    Skin hydration

    Either extremely white skin or very dark skin, although this later not always has African origins but is a mixture whose dominant factor is dark pigmentation, need their “tailored suit”.

  • Microblanding the currenttrend


    The origin of this practice that has become a trend among celebrities around the world, comes from Japan and China, the so-called 'tébori', which means handmade tattoo.

  • Snail slime, How far will we get for beauty?

    Snail slime

    This road already had traveled before, in fact, since the world began, it has always been in our interest to find solutions for aging and beauty.

  • Chemical Peeling

    Chemical Peeling

    The German author Goethe used to state that each individual has the right to change himself with the purpose of getting rejuvenated. The concept of beauty has been around for ages and its universal and realistic existence has also been around in history since the beginning of humankind.

  • Your 50’s arrive... And also the double chin!

    Correcting double chain

    There is a quick and effective technique for correcting it. Nowadays it is nothing new for beauty not to be only a thing of women.

  • Baptizing Spaces


    It is always interesting to know about origins. Words become enigmas when we read them and the combination of the letters gives us ideas sometimes real and some not so obvious from what they really mean.

  • Modelling as natural as possible without surgery


    In recent years, feeling and looking good have become priority for women and men. There are lots of treatments to shape the body without surgery or scalpel intervention. The increased demand for “coolscupting” ambulatory treatments has gone up exponentially. People are looking for natural, painless, age-matching body changes without going to the surgery room. The procedure is painless as the treated area is numbed by the cold. It is a non-invasive method that helps reducing the localized fat throughout the body quickly and with no surgery.

  • Beards are trending

    Beards are trending

    They emerged from hipsters and lumbersexuales, yes, those who wear check shirts, rustic boots, and sports a groomed beard in a careless style, which project themselves as lumberjacks just arrived from their work (hence the English word "lumber", referring to wooden boards).

  • Laser blepharoplasty Regain a youthful look without surgery

    Laser blepharoplasty Regain a youthful look without surgery

    During physiological aging, skin loses elasticity and the face features become more pronounced or obvious. In the eyes there is a certain transformation: eyebrow tail begins to descend, skin fold on the eye are originate, existent fat behind the upper eyelids are more pronounced forward, eyes seem abnormally sunken into their sockets and lateral wrinkles known as rooster's feet appear.

  • Dyed hair is trending

    Dyed hair is trending

    New year is coming and it’s time for reflections about our appearance. Hair dyeing is perfect to renew and leave stages behind. Who has not gone to the hairdresser for asking what can you do to be trendy? We can look for a radical change or a reserved one that just give shine and life to our hair, without taking a big risk that may be difficult to maintain. The trend sets the rules for the coming months. That's why, if you're thinking about changing your look, it's advisable to know the tones that will look better on you. At the hair fashion gateways, the copper, brown, soft beige, blond nude, the balayage technique and fantasy colors such as pink and green are on top trending. So, we are talking about asymmetrical hair, with different shades to 'play' with the lights and get a much more striking and modern effect.

  • New hair transplant methods

    New hair transplant methods

    Is it the aging or today's life stress? In the fateful Oracle of Delphi, hair loss does not forgive anyone. "Celebrities" are not an exception; there are many actors and actresses, athletes or TV characters who decide to take a step forward to fight their early lack of hair through the latest techniques.



    Photonic Medicine is the most used resource by skin specialists today. Its progress over the last few years has achieved excellent results in a wide variety of treatments.