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Sweet longing for canquiña

Sweet longing for canquiña

An extravagant wish is to have cravings for canquiña, which is a delicious candy that because of its popularity became a Dominican emblem. Lengthy with a mix of some flexible like gummies sections and other tougher, it is a candy that makes Dominicans remember their earliest childhood.

Decades ago, it was never lacking when people from villages visited the capital, and they were sold in all the bus stations in the different provinces.
Some people say that the adult who did not taste this sweet as a child did not have a happy childhood. The canquiñas are part of the longing of Dominicans living in other countries when they evoke memories of their homeland.
Nothing was more pleasing to a child than hearing the bell or the sound of the town criers making their plate rang with the spoon or the knife they utilized to served their candies. That used to be the signal that alerted them to run to their parents, uncles or grandparents to ask for a few cents to buy a canquiña and taste it calmly with some friends.
Nowadays there are few places where you can find the classic full of flavor canquiñas which used to come wrapped in a transversal stripes paper.
The Dominican Republic is by antonomasia a sweet land rich in cane cultivation. Therefore, it is common that the molasses aroma is impregnated throughout the country. Thanks to their productive plantations, the sugar industry is rooted in the Dominican people and their desserts, an example is the canquiña.
This dessert is easy to prepare since you only need a few ingredients such as coconut milk, brown sugar, a few drops of lemon and some vanilla to flavor it. The secret of its appealing whitish color lies in the fact of repeatedly stretching the lukewarm dough until it lightens. Its stick form causes that in the popular slang it is used to refers to the one that receives a beating. They also use it as a joking way of calling sex.

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