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BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana

Attack on the network

Companies have to work on their ability to cope with unexpected situations. To prevent cyberattacks, you must constantly make backups.

Almost three decades before WannaCry caused the worldwide panic when, in a short period of time, infected computers in 150 countries, including those belonging to large companies and hospitals, a malware was spread, like this one, and kidnapped files stored in a computer and asked for a sum of money to get them back. It was the first ransomware (malicious software) in the world: infected diskettes that hijacked your PC.

In Latin America, Mexico was reported as the country with the most infected computers by WannaCry. The fifth worldwide most affected after Russia, Ukraine, China and India. According to specialists, the Latin American region is exposed to a substantially greater risk than the rest of the world, mainly because it has the highest percentage of computers with Windows systems without updating. In addition, piracy is a significant problem because companies are automatically exposed to the success of these attacks.

The trend of these threats is to develop, continuously creating more sophisticated systems resulting in lethal tools that make companies’ private data to be at the mercy of the world. The malware known as EternalRock works as a worm and uses seven NSA exploits, very small programs that are capable of exploiting an operating system vulnerability to take control of computers and infect them.

The fear of losing data and the level of lack of protection that can be experienced by companies, are decisive factors in becoming aware of and being aware of the danger that lies ahead.

In order to prevent virus attacks, the main measure to be taken is to constantly make backups. The risk is always there and the price of external or cloud storage systems are meager compared to the problem of losing information. It is also important, on the one hand, to reinforce passwords since one of the most frequent errors is to always use the same password for all our accounts and on the other hand, not to open links or ZIP attachments because hackers use this type of malicious links for their attacks.

In the context of Digital Republic or digital governance drives by the Dominican government through the Ministry of the Presidency, the Ministry of Education, the Vice Presidency and other government agencies; Cyberspace Security is being defined as a matter of crucial and paramount importance.

According to a research conducted by Gartner, one of the most recognized entities worldwide in the technology research industry, 43% of companies that have experienced a serious data breach or an attack damaging severely the information technologies, do not operate again.

Companies have to work on their ability to cope with unexpected situations, how fast they can recover themselves and how they take advantage of the misfortune to generate opportunities", explains Carlos Trujillo, Cyber Security Manager for Central America, Panama and Dominican Republic-EY, a global firm in consulting, audit, tax, transaction and legal services.

In fact, an information security survey conducted by this firm and aimed at all its clients companies in the Americas that are from industries as diverse as banking, services or retail, revealed that about 57% of respondents consider the protection of their data as a high priority issue. "Today, we see people of all ages holding their cellphones, other devices into their hands to visit social networking sites. Now, the point is how to stay safe online and how to deal with the misuse of those tools and attacks, "added Trujillo. We have to assume that we have been, are and will be attacked, reason why we must implement a proactive security strategy. An example of this is to make periodic backups, in order to lose the minimum amount of data after virus attacks.

It is essential to follow a strict system update policy and to have installed the latest service pack, to prevent infections by harmful code that can be released in the future. However, the concern about this type of malware is far from over.

Beyond the use of later support, it is really important to guarantee the security and backup to avoid problems in the future. That is why it is a priority for companies to rely on other companies specialized in networks and preventive maintenance.

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