BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Go Pro

Go Pro, the camera capturing the best moments

"Dream it, do it and capture it with your GoPro”. This is one of the main slogans of Nick Woodman Company founded in 2002 which has created one of the bestselling photo and video camera in the world.

The GoPro is a personal HD camera which was first used to immortalize the realization of extreme sports but today it also triumphs among the general public.

Portable, compact, lightweight, durable and versatile, GoPro makes to capture easily the moment you want and quickly share it with the rest of the world. Its multiple accessories allow it to use in almost any activity. In fact, there are different types of equipment according to the activity to be practiced: racing, motorcycling, cycling, aviation, sailing, diving, hunting and fishing, hockey, kayaking, military batch, music, radiocontrol, rock climbing, skate, ski, snowboard, snowmobiling, parachuting, paddelsurf, water skiing or surfing.

The supports are also very varied and among the latest developments we can find the so called fetch for capturing the world from the point of view of a dog; the sportman mount for mounting the camera on fishing rods, bows, guns, paintball guns ...; and a support for bodyboard, surf or paddelsurf.


The GoPro emerged after a journey of its creator to Australia, Nick Woodman, for surfing, one of his passions along with extreme sports. His goal was to take pictures of this sport from inside, what he saw when he was plowing a wave and all this with great quality. To achieve this goal he used a camera strapped to his arm with rubber bands. This is the story of how GoPro came up in 2002 and the first Hero model was sold in 2004. Last year the Hero 4 was already marketed.

The last range of GoPro is made up of Hero, Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver, the only one with a viewfinder with touchscreen. The latter also offers a snapshot of professional quality. It is the stateof- the-art camera of the brand, with a high resolution video and extraordinary picture quality (ultra wide angle).


Among functions of Hero 4 are to control, to visualize and to share with integrated WI-FI and Bluetooth, the ability to turn on and automatically record thanks to QuikCapture button or to dial while recording the best moments with Hilight Tag, allowing them more easily to find and also to play, edit, and share them in the shortest possible time.

Besides, any photo will be fine by having settings of Hight Photo and Night Lapse, even if it is made with ultralow light or for pictures taking at intervals. Other novelties of the range are the professional audio performance, the greater manual control of photos and videos with ProTune and easy-making videos at intervals.

HERO4 Black

The GoPro has software itself (the best way to import and play media files so as to make videos easily) and an application to control the camera remotely. There is also a GoPro channel in which users publish their videos. So you know, if you want to take pictures and videos having professional quality with a small camera and cutting edge technology you must bet on the GoPro. Also it will be very easy to edit and share your best moments. “Dream it, do it, capture it.”

TEXTO: Marta Marcos; IMAGES: Archivo

Tags: Technology

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