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BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick, Enhance your auto-photos with this gadget

The arrival of social networks and whatsapp has led to a new fashion: selfies or self-portraits. The coolest thing today is to take pictures of every moment of our lives and share with others.

As it could not be otherwise, technology offers us a gadget to make selfies as good as possible.

By referring to monopod or stick selfie, it is a metal stick that allows focusing beyond the normal range of the arm. This stick is extendable (the average is 88-90 centimeters) and has a built-in wrist strap to hold on to in one end and an adjustable clamp on the other end to hold the device in place, which can be a smartphone, a compact camera or a GoPro.


There are different types of selfi esticks. One of them is just a single pole, so the camera timer must be activated to take pictures. Another model is the one using a mini jack cable connected to headphones input and has a trigger on the handle. There is also other model that has a remote control (battery included) which sends the order to shoot so it is not always necessary to use the stick. It is connected via Bluetooth. The fourth type is the one with built in Bluetooth. The camera is triggered by a button placed on the handle. This stick has a battery.

The origin of this stick goes back to 1983 in Japan, when Minolta Disc-7 camera added a convex mirror on the front to help the composition of self-portraits. At that moment it was not called selfie stick but Extender and was used for focus improvement. Years later, in 1995, the selfi estick reappears in the book “101 Unuseless Japanese inventions”. In 2014 it was considered one of the 25 best inventions by Time magazine.

Since its development, the selfie stick has had some modifications as the selfie spoon (to take picture while eating) or selfie arm, consisting of a hand on the end of the stick, which appears as if it were our companion in the picture. But this gadget is also used for panoramic pictures and more stable videos, without vibration.


This fashion of selfies has become something dangerous and therefore its use has been restricted in different locations for security reasons and any inconvenience that it can cause. It is the case of some museums and art galleries, music festivals, tennis courts, soccer fields, cycling and Disney. In order to know where you can use the selfi estick, visit the web site

There is more: dozens of people have already died due to selfies and hundreds of accidents have occurred. One of the most affected countries is Russia, where the guide Safe Self have been developed with the slogan Your next selfie may be the last. This campaign has the purpose to raise awareness of dangers of selfie, as it states, when we are getting ready to take a photo we do not pay attention all around us and miss the sense of danger.


Dying for taking a selfie is an absurd death. People have lost their lives trying to take spectacular photo climbing on bridges, cliffs, playing with guns in front of the camera, electrocuted by power lines, standing in front of train or even using a mobile at the wheel.

In this sense, if you want to take a selfie or an amazing picture you must pay attention to what is around you or your life could be in danger.

TEXTO: Marta Marcos; IMAGES: Archivo

Tags: Technology

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