BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana

Applied Technology; Smartphone, on holydays

Dominican Republic is life, nature and ecology. Something that we can discover and enjoy in every corner of this beautiful country.

tecno02 Ecotourism is one of the greatest values available in Dominican Republic. Not only in domestic tourism, usually closer to these trends, but on the beach tourism that offers idyllic surroundings in which to get away from it all and get lost in the placid turquoise Caribbean.

But what is true is that eco tourist look for tranquility and natural beauty, technology is an extension of our lives we find it very difficult to do without.

Global trends that bring us back to a way of life more in line with ecology do not neglect technology, and these two branches, once bitter enemies, are now increasingly more hand in hand.

It’s a great experience to be able to enjoy a remote and quiet beach in an environment that has hardly changed for hundreds of years, but how do we get there?, where can we go for lunch to complete our journey in a tasty way?

Our “eternal” and inseparable Smartphone, the one which keeps our meetings and optimizes our work, can also be our ally in our time of leisure. And for this we have hundreds of Apps that provide us with all kinds of support and complement our leisure and pleasure.

From the iPhone or the iPad, Apple offers the most complete technological expertise at all times.

A few days ago, Apple introduced its new phone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We look forward to seeing how the new models of iPhone 6 will bring us even more satisfaction with their new A8 processor and with screens 4.7 ‘and 5.5’.

And of course, we are counting the days until the beginning of 2015, to enjoy the Apple Watch. The great innovation by Apple, which opens a new line of products and offers another level of performance and connectivity. Surely all these Apps that we show below, will be very useful to you and will add to your moments of harmony with ecology the complements that only Apple is able to deliver. tecno01


- Go Dominican Republic: Official App of the Ministry of Tourism RD.
- Dominican Republic: English and French App with a quite complete variety of information.
- Santo Domingo Offline Map & Guide: English App with a variety of information, maps and other accessories.
- Dominican Republic Travel Guide by Triposo featuring Santo Domingo and more !: App “Triposo” very complete and good design.

And not all are Apps, the countless devices and accessories that are designed to enhance our stay outdoors and at leisure, are innumerable.

One brand that best integrates technology with ecology-based care and recyclables design, is Marley. Bob Marley was an example of coexistence and respect for the environment.

La línea de productos que creó su familia mantiene este espíritu de respeto por la naturaleza y otorga a sus audífonos, bocinas y complementos todo su legado de convivencia ecológica que siempre deberíamos recordar.

The product line that his family created kept this spirit of respect for nature and gives his headphones, speakers and accessories all his legacy of ecological coexistence that we should always remember. The world is constantly advancing and technology is no longer an option in our lives. It is an intrinsic part of it and accompanies us on many more occasions than we think.

Those of us lucky enough to remember those times in which the cell phone was not a part of our lives, it seems incredible how business even progressed, how we kept in touch with our loved ones and how we moved through the world without being permanently connected to information. This is the reality in which we live and keep up to date with technological options as common as we keep informed about politics or our favorite subjects. So let’s keep ourselves connected!!


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