BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Riccie Oriach,  The colors of music

Riccie Oriach, The colors of music

Fusion is nowadays present in the new generation of Dominican musicians and song-writers. They keep faith in such a fusion and the authenticity of local rhythm in every Caribbean beat. Riccie Oriach is a living example. He is an artist with a rock ´n roll soul. Sometimes a bit shy, yet with a particular human sensibility that makes his lyrics be somewhat personal, with an acid and satirical sense of humor. He compiles childhood memories and day-to-day anecdotes. He likes including vibrant tropical and colorful characters mixed up with some bachata, merengue, cumbia, gagá, rock, jazz, metal, guaguancó or zarandunga. All these rhythms invite everyone to dance. Music connects so easily with people. The spectators get hypnotized not only by the rhythms, but also with the good vibes of his bandmates.    

“Viaje al infinito”, his first album release. A six-song production made with the collaboration of Federico López Schaper. He brought all this tropical mood into it; which, by the way, he feels so proud of. He seems shy, but on stage, he displays all his energy through his meaningful lyrics and powerful melodies. Due to his contagious positivism, he succeeded in positioning all his songs in the top 50 Spotify list in Dominican Republic for about 3 weeks just right after their release. All songs became viral and 10 of them remained within the first top 10.

A hard work made possible thanks to self-management and a vast collaboration of young artists, actors, designers, managers, producers, audiovisual staff, photographers, and camera men. They all strongly believe in that project and have made all songs be a huge success, such as “La Guayaba”, “El Mosquito”, “La Prima Tecata”, “Viaje al Infinito”, “La Dueña o la Flor”. “Viaje al Infinito” videoclip has been nominated on the Videoclips Awards 2018 edition in the “Best Tropical Video” category, “Best Edition” and “Best Performance”.

Many locations throughout the country such as Santo Domingo, La Vega, Cabarete, San Francisco, Bávaro, Santiago and La Romana have witnessed his great performance on stage. Outside the Dominican border, his Colombian tour was marked by the success of his 10 shows.


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TEXT: Elena Crespo; Images: Suresh

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