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Manny Cruz, passion as a loyal reflection of the attraction

Manny Cruz

We reunited at De Las Américas Airport (DR). He just got back from the US, after singing at the Miss Ohio Latina. Me, saying goodbye to a close friend. Among long conversations and dense catch up, we ended up coming back to our origin. Him, as the interviewee and me as the interviewer, a relentless investigator.

The Singer-songwriter, Joaquín Sabina did not steal the April month from him or the 26th day of the month as his song says. Manny Cruz was born in Santo Domingo 3 decades ago. Son to a Cuban father and a Dominican mother, he shortly left the island when he turned 14 years old on June 27th, 1997. He arrived in the US and started writing the first pages of his life in the US. Some people say that all kind of passions act like the wind. They are necessary to move things around positively. It seems to be a reflection of the attraction that he worked with the famous Venezuelan/Spaniard saxophonist called Ed Calle while studying at Dade College. He promptly stood out in the crowd, and became one of the main singers of this educational center.

Frank Ceara was one of the first artists that helped him out. “He is the kind of person that offers help without asking anything in return. Frank spent a lot of time in Miami befriended my brother right after they met. Our friendship started to strengthen as time goes by. I used to work at the car parts business and Frank was the one who sowed the seed and asked me what I truly wanted to do in my life".

For the Buddhists, the best way after achieving a goal is the way back. His return then took place on April 23, 2010. “I was making some cash in Miami, but I was not happy, so I decided to return and go after my dream, what actually makes my heart beat”. So, in 2007, he returns to Dominican Republic to get involved with some merengue bands like Rikarena, and he would also join some music stars such as Kinito Méndez. He had the chance to share some shows with “Ilegales” Band throughout Latin America, United States and Europe. During that time, he became involved in the world of advertising. He even recorded some jingles and TV and Radio commercials. He got some opportunities to represent some local and international brands as their main image.

He got in the musical theater world and participated in amazing performances in many theaters plays such as West Side Story by Carlos Veitía, Jets and the Sharks on New York streets, Cinderella and Snow-White stories.

He would write songs to emblematic artists like Hector Acosta “ElTorito”. He focuses on his growth in the musical band “Aura”. In December 2011, he was along with some friends (JJ and Javi). “I remember that one of them had only 20 pesos in his pocket, but most importantly he was carrying a bag full of dream with me. I always say to my friends that there are no limits. Nothing is ever impossible”. At the beginning of 2012, he finally recorded his first single “I cry for you” (Te lloro). It got a good acceptance from the public and shortly it became a national anthem in the Dominican culture until 2016 when they decided not to continue and evolve independently.

Following the Leimotiv´s lecture that says that all pupils learn from their masters and that the audience stimulates the actor. He participates in series like: “Mortals - Mortales” “My loving way – Mi forma de amar” and in a Hollywood play called “The True Memoirs of an International Assassin”. He had also the chance to work with the famous American actor Kevin James.

He named his first álbum “Sobrenatural” and was released as well as with his first single in August 2016. It is a song about love, hope and glorification of women. He is a loving and caring man and his real proof of that is the love he feels for his confident wife Yeri Peguero. She even took part of his video “Tarde”. They are expecting their first baby together. “I am very in love with her, she is a professional dancer; so, I planned a choreography where we both danced until the end of it, then I proposed

He and his team recorded his hit “Dime Pa´Que” in the Colonial Zone. It is a meaningful place to me, he said. I want my second single to be recorded there too. We found a beautiful spot for the video shooting, and we are surprised how our fans have gotten fascinated about this idea”.

This singer, actor, dancer and song writer is the youngest of three brothers. One of his brothers, Daniel is also a song writer and a singer. “I am a singer, maybe I could act a bit more because I like it, I have studied and worked hard for that”, he states.

His main musical influences are Wilfrido Vargas, Juan Luis Guerra and Luis Miguel. “I wanted to honor Luis Miguel, but I did not feel quite ready to do it yet, he has a respectable voice range. I really wanted to make a proper tribute to him. Thanks God, at the end, I could accomplish it”. After two hours of concert, it got even better and wonderful, he indulged the audience with hits like “Ahora te puedes marchar and Suave” among others.

In 2017, he won the “Best solo artista” prize at the Soberano Awards. “I was in a tough race with some other artists which I actually admire much. So, for me it is like honoring his work. That is why I did not want to get ready to say thanks, I actually wanted that my heart would speak for itself.

He worked with this brother in a composition called “Déjà Vu”, it is the new Prince Royce new bachata hit which features Shakira. By the way, she was also recognized in this contest. “The main idea was to represent a sad moment, a “Déjà Vu” that started the toughest part of my life. A few year ago, my life was not even closer to what it is now”.

His humility and honesty boosted his career. That is all he needs to conquer the hearts of all Dominicans. “It feels so good, he says. I cannot describe this feeling with words. I am working hard to get what I want, and I think I am in the right direction”. He learned how to fear God from his dad. He would lovingly call Dad “Papún”. One heritage, one legacy and one admiration means everything for him. “My dad and mum have been the best parents ever, there is nothing that could change my perception about them”.

I am fully responsible especially for my son. I have always had a good attitude towards life and have a good sense of humor. “I think I have been blessed”. I have come across with some melodies and lyrics lately, but I do not have anything completely done yet. But I can assure you that, I will shortly finish one of those ideas”.