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Ella, Gabriella Lenzy

Gabriella Lenzy

At her twenty Gabriela Lenzy excels in the world of fashion. Despite his young age already has a promising career, highlighting among the best top models at the time parading for leading brands worldwide.

As a Brazilian, she is a football fan and a great athlete. She came to Punta Cana invited by Water Mint and she felt in love of our country. Her name sounds strong for her job but also for her circle of friends where there are several football stars. We tried to know her beauty secrets, but in her case genetics plays an important role….

How and when do you star in the fashion world?
I begins at the age of three and I become a photo model when I was 10.

What are your sacrifices due to your work?
Many things, but what really sadden me is that I cannot be with my family on important dates.

What are the lights and shadows in your profession?
The positive one, it’s you travel around the world, meet many people and know different cultures. The negative part, you are lack of routine.

You’ve been in Spain parading for Rosa Clará, How have you had this experience? What do you like most of this country?
The experience was wonderful, modeling the dresses of bride; it makes me want to marry! she laughs I love everything about Spain, people, culture, architecture and of course the food.

You have been in Punta Cana recently. What has brought you here?
Work. I came to do the Water Mint photo shoot, and in fact, I fell in love with the project and I identified myself a lot with the brand and designs.

What do you like most of this country?
The Blue Hole and Indigenous eyes of Punta Cana.

¿What is your secret of beauty?
To drink lots of water.

You have been twice champion of jet ski, ¿Do you like adventure sports?
I love it, skate, jet ski, parachuting, flyboard…

¿Do you like to be a mother?
It is part of my plans but I want to find the right person to have a family.

Do have success in the social networks, ¿Do you use much time for this?
I connect whenever I can; it is part of my job.

¿Which are your next projects?
Next year I will start a TV program and I am very exciting about it.


  • A dream to be fulfilled? To know the whole world
  • ¿Which is your top success, something that you are proud of? The freedom I have to do whatever I want at any time.
  • A trip All French Polynesia and South Africa.
  • A song She Moves
  • A book One day
  • A movie An unlikely friendship
  • A hobby Jet Ski
  • What you hate the most about the human beings? falsehood
  • What you appreciate the most about the human beings? Humility and sincerity
  • A spot in D.R. Indigenous eyes
  • A memory The time I lived in New York
  • A moment Now
  • A mania Urgent to eat sweet
  • Persone you admire My grandmother
  • When you was a child ¿what did you want to be when you grow up? I always wanted to travel and live alone.
  • What kind of music do you prefer? All music, it depends on the time but I like all kind of music in general
TEXT: Esther Navas/Almudena Haddad; IMAGES: César Portes