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Marta González; Glamor face and talent of the Dominican film

Marta González

Henry Graham Greene, British writer, scriptwriter and critic said that there is always a moment in childhood when the door opens and let the future in.

Dominican journalist, model and actress, Marta González, failed to think that her professional career was going to reach the extent it has today. She spend her time among Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic, always immersed in cinematographic and advertising projects, between recording studios and photo shoots. A flash target of paparazzi, she usually takes refuge in Blanca Beach, Punta Cana in order to summon up energy and protect her private life as much as possible, perhaps because the family values she boosted in her childhood.

Bonao, the city that saw her when she was born on May 24, 1983, remembers her with nostalgia because of her simplicity when doing the daily chores and the happiness she finds in small routines like walking with her mother to the Educational Center of Bonao, where she studied. She honestly asserts that the acting world wasn’t in her plans when she grew up but she did still watched soap opera all the time and imitated the actresses displayed on the small screen.

Her time at Miss Dominican Republic contests was a dream that aroused her thirst for knowledge. “My dream was to get to know and at least get into the top 5. It was my goal. I was aware that I would not be a supermodel due to my 5’7 height but that together with the strength of my voice and my projection could make me a good journalist”, she says.

In the beauty contests, she was third finalist and along with her coach Sandro Guzmán, she finally was seen as a professional. After some experiences in different fields of acting, her performance in the film El Hoy del Diablo brought her back to the Dominican Republic. “It was my first leading role in the local cinema. to participate at festivals of HBO in NYC and others cities like Chicago, made me realize that there were no limits. I had never seen myself on a movie screen. the premier in NYC was a unique experience”.

As a soap opera actress, she assures that each role has its own complexity and magic. “Maria Gracia “ in “Alguien te mira “, I would say that it has been the most brave role because of the bisexuality and risky scenes involved. I was embarrassed at playing my character in “Hasta el End del Mundo” because I had bed scenes with a good friend, Julián Gil.

Her experience on televisa, Univision, Nickelodean and telemundo has given her a clear perspective on the important work that Hispanic actors and actresses do to fight their way. “When I got to televisa, there were very few Dominicans. there are some people who, at first, judge you by your nationality and you lose the opportunity due to the “accent” but when you demonstrate what you are capable of, then, things change. Carlos de la Mota was my guide who helped me with the first interviews. I think that there was strict criteria before but it’s no longer exist. there are more Dominicans in Hollywood, movies and series. It’s Hispanics time”.

From Dominican origin Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, Dania Ramirez, Dasha Polanco, Sharlene taule are some of the examples that proudly represent Marta. “Years ago, Latin people only have the opportunity to play roles like gardener or service girl in movies, today we can see Gael García Bernal playing an opera presenter, Gina Rodríguez winning a Golden Globe for her performance in “Jane the virgin”, Adriana Barraza nominated for an Oscar ... or the best example is how far Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu or Alfonso Cuarón have come”.

In 2015, she launched a personal calendar, a project in which she promoted places like Bahia de las Aguilas, Los Haitises or Lake Enriquillo. She had postponed it several times because she did not want to be typecast, but she did it with confidence, guided by Conchita Paz Oliva, who was in the production team of Sofia vergara’s famous calendars. “She guided me through the whole process, but I was in charge of production. I was the investor, so I sat down with the photographer, the Italian Giovanni Cavallaro, to tell him that I wanted a very fine job. I did not want to cross the line and be identified as bad taste person. Everything you do goes down in history and someday I want to be a mother and I have a very clear idea what I want to project.

The project was well received by the public and her numerous followers. It gave her to the opportunity to be part of a brilliant project as the soap opera “Mi Corazón es tuyo” produced by Juan Osorio. “In the soap opera I played the character of myself. My character was me. In Mexico, I exchanged my calendar for toys that we donated later to many houses and hospitals. And thanks to the international broadcast of it, the calendar sales increased”.

For Marta, film and television mean opportunities depending on where you live or to what exactly you want to be devoted. “In Miami, there is more opportunity in televisión Hispana. In Mexico there is a lot of opportunity both in tv and Cinema in Spanish. If you want to do more theater, then go to NYC. But I believe that the city of dreams and opportunities undoubtedly is Los Angeles”.

Her immediate projects are to improve her English in order to conquer the Anglo-Saxon market. “In 2016, I decided to return to the United States, I took a break in the soap operas and I am currently taking acting classes in English to have more opportunities in the Anglo-Saxon market. that return has given me opportunities like to become an ambassador for the cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown and also for the chain Carl’s Patio. I’m working on my Isleña brand at the same time”.


  • THE DIRECTOR YOU’D LIKE TO WORK WITH. I would love to work back in the Dominican Republic and work under the direction of José María Cabral. My dream is to work under the direction of the master Woody Allen.
  • YOUR BIGGEST FEAR. to lose my parents.
  • AN ACTOR TO SHARE SCENES. Gael García Bernal, Denzel Washington ... it’s a hard question, they are many.
  • THE BEST SCENARIO TO SHOOT A SHOT. A sunset in Bahía de las Águilas, DR.
  • A PLACE TO GET LOST IN RD. Las terrenas.
  • A SCRIPT THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DISCOVER. I have spent years along with the director Rafa Lara “discovering it “. I hope to tell you the details soon.
  • A DOMINICAN MOVIE YOU’D LIKE TO DO. A historical film. the arrival of the Spaniards to Hispaniola. Our origins...
  • A DISH FROM A FILM. kids bathed in béchamel sauce made by my mom!
  • HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS AT A PROFESSIONAL AND SENTIMENTAL LEVEL. I want to keep developing, without barriers. I am first journalist, then actress. But over the years I’ve worked more as an actress. I like to do everything, knowing that I have different options makes me more versatile. Where will I be? I do not know, meanwhile I enjoy every moment. I do really see myself sentimentally more stable and thanks god I have a family.
TEXT: Elena Crespo; IMAGES: Bob Lasky y Eric Guevara