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Juan Magán, The king of Electro Latino

Juan Magán

Having one's feet on the ground without losing the north at any time Juan Magán manages each of his successes. Neither prizes nor nominations and successes have estranged from people, he is so close and dedicated that becomes your friend very quickly after coming into contact with you, and makes you feel as you always know him.

Following his intuition he has managed to create a new rhythm that makes everyone dance at parties, clubs and even children included. He has certainly been a pioneer. He lives each moment as special making him to enjoy his work transmitted in every gesture, every movement.

Respectful even to his detractors, he surely has, he moves among them with a grace that does not give a chance to reply.

Professionally he has been making his way in life and has come to stay because he knows to evolve according to each time. We discussed his career, the beginning, the present or projects, of course, with Juan.

How do you start in the world of music?

Since I was 15, I rehearsed in a rock band as singer, second guitar and even drums, but two years later I was fascinated to see how my cousin Freddy produced his own songs using software at his own "home studio". I decided I had to learn enough to develop all the ideas I had in my head. He introduced me to electronic music and since then my music has undergone many transformations.

How do you change from house style in the first stage to Latin music?

After many European tours as DJ, I came to Barcelona and I was sick and tired of playing monotonous rhythms for an audience, sometimes, little interested in music. My passion has always been urban music in English and Spanish. I felt I could make my work much funnier that I would never look at it as an obligation and thereby I merge the styles heard in intimacy with those played by DJs in Europe. Hence the "Electro Latino", the beginning of a successful career and a full life at a personal level doing what I like most.

It is a very complicated world, what brings you to bet and know that it is your future?

There are hundreds of millions of Spanish speakers in the world who want to hear new ideas, proposals, mergers... Statistically I already started advantageously but my instincts told me that we could bring Latin music to anywhere in the world without complexes or restrictions. There are countries where salsa is listened to mostly, cumbia in others, and without going any further here Bachata or Merengue but the "Electro Latino" doesn’t belong to any particular country, I imagined overall from Spain to Latin America and back again. Thank God it is happening.

What inspires you when composing?

Sometimes the fear of losing the woman I love most, stories that happened to me in the street or what a friend can tell me are sources of inspiration that become eventually into song. Trivial things that many people can feel identified. I'm very lucky that my trips are very long and constant, the fact that you see thousands of people in front of you every week, is the ingredient for my upcoming songs. The energy, the way they interact, react to what's playing ...

Is there something about you in each of the songs you compose?

Yes, in all of them. I would lie if I said otherwise because all are based on my own experiences or the feeling that makes me imagine that it could happen to me.

You have received countless awards and recognitions, what is your career goal?

Continue working to maintain a progression leaving that my values mark the level of my work. The awards help you to raise self-esteem and encourage you to give everything.

How do you feel when you're in front of thousands of people and chant your songs?

Respect, euphoria and fear in that order. They have paid to see you and it is a great responsibility and their mood influences filling me with excitement quickly. Then I'm afraid not to meet their expectations.

What has the technology brought us and what has it taken away?

It provides means to develop better and faster creativity. At social level it has locked us in a virtual world damaging human relationships.

What has been the best stage, the concert that has marked you?

Plenty of them, I took feelings of each, auditoriums in Mexico, luxurious clubs of Dubai, the mega venues of Ibiza, the Madison Square Garden in New York, the stadiums in Ecuador and Colombia, Chile, cities such as Paris, London , Barcelona, ​​Miami, Madrid .. I cannot choose one.

How would you describe the differences among Latin, Asian or Arabic audiences? Do they really change behaviors or in certain situations we are all rather Latin people?

The Latin audience is much like anywhere in the world, the most effusive and enthusiastic. In other places like Asia or Arab countries you do not know what to expect but the surprise is pleasant when you see they know the lyrics and songs even they speak a language so different from ours. Eventually they join the party as Latin people.

Define the style "Juan Magan"

Festive, commercial songs, but not vulgar. Positive energy.

What can be first DJ, composer or singer?

I am a music producer and composer. A DJ due to the need to introduce myself to my audience, what has become a passion and fortuitous singer, I have never thought about singing my own songs until I did it for the first time and I had to showed up due to the success of that first song signed with my name.

What aspect of your career you enjoy the most?

Producing music in the privacy of my own studio in Punta Cana and Barcelona.

How is to be in booth with Juan Magan?

I put all my songs and a selection of hits from friends and /or colleagues such as Enrique Iglesias, J Balvin, Lapiz Conscious, Don Omar, etc ... I join them and sing the most famous hits.

How and when a Catalan boy comes to the Dominican Republic?

I came because I love DR, my wife and children are Dominican-Catalans. Moreover, it is a perfect point for touring both North and South America. The tours were more complicated when I had to travel from Barcelona. I have no family in Miami and it's hard to be alone in a country where you do not have the people you love and have contact with.

What are your next projects?

I'm launching the disc that will close my weekly holiday in Ibiza. In October I will go on tour again by Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala and the United States.


A dream: To keep dreaming " to believe and create are at a letter of distance"
What does keep you awake?: The welfare of my family
What has been your biggest success?: To have a family
A trip to be made: Morocco but this time with my wife.
A song: "Baila Morena" by Julio Iglesias
A book: "Blue World" by Albert Espinosa
Your best song: "Mal de Amores"
A hobby: To play with my kids in the water.
What do you hate most in human being?: Arrogance
What do you value most?: Humility
A place in the world: Platja d'Aro, Catalunya
A place in DR: Los Salados neighborhood, Santiago de los Caballeros
A memory: the smell of my first child at birth
A moment: Now
A mania: Order and cleanliness
A person you admire: My parents and my mother in law
When you were little, what did you want to be?: Philosopher
What music do you listen to?: Hip Hop, R & B, Bachata


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