BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
David Bisbal

David Bisbal, Latinheart

Over 10 years have passed since the professional life of David Bisbal changed course. A tireless fighter who didn’t stop until he fulfilled his dream. The beginnings were hard but every time a door closed a window opened.

He granted us an exclusive interview, which allows us to get know him “From within” (Desde Dentro). Brought to us by Paradisus, on December 21, 2013 we will see him in concert at the Convention Center in Punta Cana.

His voice, his movements and his expertise on stage have led him to the top. Despite his success, David has kept his feet on the ground and never forgets his beginnings as a band singer “Expressions” which for him was his school. In 2001 a new program was born in Spain, Operación Triumfo. He was not among those selected but his efforts got him an audition and with it the opportunity of a lifetime which knew to take advantage of. Finally, he managed to stay in second place of the hit show... and the rest is history.

His people define him as responsible, loving, playful and a good friend.

With over 60 gold and platinum albums, more than 600 concerts, five international tours and numerous awards and prestigious international awards in the music industry, David is an accomplished artist of Latin pop.

David BisbalAfter a successful acoustic tour around half the world, what is the outcome?
The outcome has been incredibly positive; I take a thousand experiences of this very special tour. But above all, a very strong and intimate connection with the audience thanks to the closeness of this tour.

Of all the concerts in this tour, which one has influenced you most?
There were many concerts on this tour that marked me, but perhaps the most impressive was the concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. A truly magical venue with exceptional acoustics. And that night, with the amazing guests I had guests; it was really an unforgettable concert.

Romantic, sentimental, how would you define yourself?
I think I am a very emotional person. Life is meaningless if emotions aren’t lived intensely.

Describe David Bisbal for us
I find it very difficult to describe myself; I think the best way to know me would be to listen to my music.

What is more difficult to arrive or to stay?
The hardest thing is to evolve, being able to musically progress in your career; many artists get stuck in a genre or a sound which, years later, it no longer feel like yours. For my music to evolve with me is something I think is very important.

Do you miss the beginning?
Sure, there are always things that I miss. But I try to look towards the future.

Success knocked on your door 10 years ago, how would you summarize it?
It would be very difficult to summarize! I think the best way of knowing, for those who are curious, is to discover it in “From Within” (Desde Dentro), the autobiography I just published.

You have ​​written some of your songs, what has inspired you?
I believe that life itself is the greatest source of inspiration. The experiences, the people you meet, what you share with them...

Of all the artists you’ve sang with, could you choose one and explain why?
For me it was very special to share the stage with Alejandro Sanz, he is an artist I admire, a great composer and an exceptional person.

What do you like most about what you do: recording, concerts...?
I like to see the process of a song: hear the first chords, play with the melody, work with it in the studio, present it to the public for the first time and finally hear being chanted by the audience while I’m singing it. It is a hallucinatory journey that transforms music step by step.

Who would you like to sing with that you have not done so already?
I’ve always been a big fan of Paul McCartney!

Have you thought about singing in another language?
I’ve done it on occasion but honestly, singing in Spanish allows me to feel the songs more intimately.

When you’re not in Spain, what is it you miss most?
Above all, I miss my family.

What do you think has been the key to your success?
I do not think that success has only one key, I think it is a mixture of effort, luck, dedication and tenacity!

What rituals do you have before you go on stage?
I need half an hour alone before going on stage, to concentrate and prepare.

What a surprise have you prepared for us with the next album?
It is an electric album with new songs and a very well kept sound. I cannot wait to launch it; it is a very special album.

What do you like best about Dominican Republic?
The people! Dominicans have always treated me great.


What keeps you up at night? The current situation in Spain
A dream To continue being active in this profession with the same energy and enthusiasm
A trip to make Any nook or quiet spot
A Book Manhattan Holocaust by Bruno Nievas
A song Amarte es un placer by Luis Miguel
A film The Lord of the Rings
What you hate most about humans Mediocrity
What you value most Integrity
Who do you admire? Raphael
A corner of the world Monsul beach in “my” Almería
Your best song “Mi Princesa”
A memory My childhood in Almería
A moment The birth of my daughter
A ritual I need to be alone in my dressing room before singing. The test sound should last whatever it takes!
Singers you admire Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Michael Buble
What makes you laugh? My daughter
What makes you cry? Injustice

TEXT: Almudena Haddad & Esther Navas; IMAGES: Universal Music & Juanlu Vela

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