BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias ....Hey

In this interview we discovered a close, friendly and humorous person, we especially noted his sympathy. We chatted in a relaxed way with one of the greatest ambassadors of Dominican Republic, land that captivated him many years ago and country he chose to watch his young children (Miguel, Alejandro, Victoria, Cristina and William) grow.

After suffering a serious accident in his youth, which ended his football career, chance made a guitar fall in to his hands. During his recovery, after a long and hard struggle, he wrote his first song, the rest is history.

Throughout his career he has received numerous awards, recognitions, Platinum and Gold discs recently in London, Sony Music has given him an award in recognition for selling over 300 million records and being the most successful Latin artist of all time. During the delivery of this prize he did not hesitate to declare that “the most valuable prize I’ve ever received is the love of the people.”

Julio tells us firsthand how he has lived it.

How have you received this latest award?
With great satisfaction, because when you are my age, deep down you don’t deserve anything and deserve everything. You can’t be immodest because you seem stupid and if you are not modest it doesn’t seem right. My company has given me this gift, but above all it was the people.

You dare yourself with almost everything ... Has there been any language that you have not dared to sing?
I have sung in many but poorly. I will not sing in any more languages ​​than I have already sung, it is enough with Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese ... I do not want to sing in other languages​​, it is very difficult for me.

What’s the most beautiful thing about music? And the ugliest?
Music is the largest means of communication. It is passion, it does not cause any harm, does not hurt and entertains. I do not understand my life without music. There is nothing ugly in music, I owe everything to it.

Some of your songs were your own compositions, when and why did you choose not to write more?
Writing has an age, that is what poets say. I think I passed that age. It is an intuitive, emotional part of my life, after a while you don’t dare to write because you repeat yourself a lot.

Do you remember your first concert?
March 1969 in Valencia (Spain), I was very scared and very nervous.

Who would you like to sing with, that you haven’t yet?
With myself (laughs).

Actually sing with someone you choose is almost a lie, it is the circumstances that proposes duets.

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In what year did you first arrive in Dominican Republic? What do you remember of that moment?
In 1972, my first memory of that first time are the palm trees, the Caribbean and the wonderful people, everything that we Europeans like. Then when you meet its people you’re staying for people, not with palm trees.

Why Punta cana?
Because I agreed with Oscar de la Renta and Frank Ranieri on the project. I loved the beaches and everything that was happening and we had lots of luck because Punta Cana has become a great place as a Caribbean destination.

What do you like best local cuisine?
The stew (sancocho), everything that is cooked and has the Spain and African mixture. All those foods where ingredients are added slowly in water and being flavored.

What would you recommend to a tourist coming to the country for the first time?
Only buy a one-way ticket.

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​ The following questions are based on the meaning of the titles of some of his songs:

Passionate heart, has that made a mark on your life?
Yes passion is everything, without passion you do not move ahead, you move backwards.

These loves, how many times have you fallen in love?
Not as many as I wanted to.

The best of your life, and the worst?
The best, being born, and the worst is that it does not last longer.

Moments, which moments have marked your life?
The birth of my children and my car accident which was very serious.

I’m not from here and I’m not from there, where do you feel you’ve arrived “home”?
I am from where my wife and my kids are.

Nobody knows my suffering, who knowns you for real?
I don’t even know myself.

Love and lose, is it worth it?
I think that losing in order to love is worth it, but losing without being able to love, is not good.

I’m a scoundrel I am a lord, saner or crazier?
Now sane.

I stumbled again with the same stone, what has been your rock?
I have had so many stones and had to jump many puddles that I don’t know which has been the largest. But I’ve always learned by stumbling.

A man alone, do you like solitude?
When I choose it, yes.

Fly high, do you sometimes want to recover being anonymous?

A legend, how does it feel to be a legend?
The truth is that one does not realize that, I have no awareness of what it is. I live happily with what God has given me and the life he has gifted upon me.

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What have you had to give up in life? Nothing.
What do you lose sleep over? Time, how quickly it passes by.
What has been your biggest success? Being able to daydream.
A trip to make The last one.
A book Don Quixote because we have a lot in common.
A movie The one I have not yet seen.
A hobby Fishing so the fish can applaud.
What you hate most about humans I don’t hate anything.
What you value most about humans Effort, dignity, discipline.
A corner of the world Where is my family is.
A corner in DR Punta Cana
A memory When I saw a bike and ran.
A moment Any day.
An obsession I have no obsessions, age makes the wisest people.
A person you admire My father.
When you were little, you wanted to be when you grew up? Grown up
The keys to your success? Not logical.
Do you know how to cook? Fried eggs with potatoes
What kind of music do you listen to? None, I never listen to music, not even in the car on my way to a concert.
What is the question you have never been asked? The last one
I don’t listen to music, I don’t go to the theater or to restaurants, I have dinner and lunch at my house, I’m a boring guy but I have a great sense of humor (laughs).

This we can assure, reaching as high, conquering with your voice, millions of people on five continents regardless of race, sex or age in a world where it is increasingly harder for us to live in peace, is an achievement that only a few have accomplished.

The title of one of your songs is “Swear to me”, have you have lied in this interview?

No, because the truth is they are very nice questions

TEXT: Almudena Haddad y Esther Navas IMAGES: Archivo

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