BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana

Get fascinated by Crossfit, every day is a new challenge

Sport lovers have realized a method that is all the rage even among those who do not practice exercise regularly. This is the CrossFit, a type of fitness training based on performing different exercises at high intensity.

The also called Cross-Fitness is a program of total strength and conditioning fitness in which the intensity of the ten physical skills highlighted by specialists is increased, namely, muscular endurance, balance, agility, flexibility, strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, power, accuracy, speed and coordination. The goal is to build strength and muscle tone.

Another key to understand this “fever” for CrossFit is the fact that sessions last short period of time (ranging from 4 to 20, 30 or 45 minutes), fitted to each individual and varied (the daily exercise program is different called workout of the day (WOD). This workouts variety helps to keep you highly motivated and eager to attend sessions. Every day is a new challenge.


But, what are the benefits of this type of training? Because of high intensity, this method for being in shape in short-term allows to burn many calories. If we add a healthy diet to this, the result is a high amount of fat burned. Other benefits include the rise in strength gaining in muscle mass and fitness improvement, all of it in a short period of time. In addition, sessions are customized, the ability to get over is increased, the cardiovascular benefits are remarkable and a large sports community is created due to work-related activity group.

The Cross-Fitness can be practiced with trainer or by your own, though in the latter case it should be very clear what exercises are more suitable for each individual physical condition. In any case you should know that this activity requires a specific nutritional value and it is very important to consume carbohydrates and proteins. The best advice is to consult a nutritionist.


How does CrossFit come up? Greg Glassman, an US trainer, decided to bet on a workout in which functional movements could be done at a high intensity. Thus, in 1995, he opened in Santa Cruz, California, the first official site of CrossFit to train Police. These were followed by marines, firefighters and US military. It sounds like a program too hard, but remember that it is aimed to all kind of people since the sessions are fitted to each individual physical state.

In fact, there is the CrossFit Kids designed for children from 3 to 18 years. According to professionals, among the reasons to recommend this type of training for children can be found discipline, respect, academic performance improvement, confidence (strengthening self-esteem when achieving goals) and even emotional benefits as they learn to work in team and develop leadership.


The brain has an important role in CrossFit. It is much so that Glassman indicates that it is a way of life to be taken and also a mental issue. Some studies show that physical activity is beneficial for the brain and therefore practicing sport is highly recommended in case of depression or other nervous disorders. In this sense, according to some experts, this new method helps to prevent or ameliorate hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis or cholesterol. This training program is a challenge, a new challenge, which increases the concentration of the athlete and, as a result, the mental strength. As a curiosity it is worth to point out that some of the names of WOD given by Greg Glassman belong to women, referring to American hurricanes, as well as names of military heroes, police and firefighters used as a tribute to them.

CrossFit is here to stay. It is a type of training considering fashionable because captivates those who are involved. Getting away from your routine and setting new goals is what makes it to be so attractive.

TEXT: Marta Marcos; IMAGES: Suresh/Archivo

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