BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana

Spinning. A bicycle... and pedaling!

If your goal is to lose weight in a short period of time while toning the body, your thing is spinning. It is an aerobic exercise that is practiced in group and simulate professional cyclists race (with ups and downs of slopes, flat terrain,…)
It is a very complete sport because it works different muscles of the body, although it mainly works out butts and legs. It also includes arms and abdominal exercises. The spinning works body strength and endurance.
The sessions, which are usually between 45 minutes and an hour, are managed by a specialized monitor that will vary the intensity and pedaling speed to achieve the objectives set. All these accompanied by loud music and rhythm. It is very important to start with a general warming of the body to activate blood circulation and end with stretching exercises to relax muscles.
Body Position and Adaptation
It must take into account two aspects before spinning, body position and bike adjustment, the latter have to regulate to each practitioner body dimensions. In this sense, the seat must be at the height of the upper edge of the hip, while the handlebars should be at the same height as the saddle or slightly higher. In relation to the proper body position, back and neck should be relaxed, hands and arms aligned with the handlebar and the center of the feet plant placed on the pedal.
The benefits of spinning, also called indoor cycling, are numerous. It is highly recommended for weight loss because it burns a lot of calories (about 500 in 45 minutes), but also strengthens muscles and bones and even the heart. It reduces cholesterol level, prevents varicose veins, tones muscles, improves fitness and combats stress and depression increasing self-esteem and relaxation.
Before starting the session, the monitor should guide us in some warm-up exercises for about 10-15 minutes. You have to start slowly to increase intensity later. Then the session in which the monitor, always accompanied by music, will start simulating uphill, downhill and flat paths. Sometimes we will be seated on the bicycle and others at a certain distance of the saddle. Perhaps it won't be easy to keep the pace in the first class, but if work out regularly, the body adapts quickly. It is motivated due to teamwork, it helps to forget everything and to have a good time.
Stretching at the end of the session is very important to avoid injury. Here breathing plays a crucial role and must be done slowly.
Spinning Clothing
Does the spinning need special clothes? Not necessarily, although it is recommended to have specific shoes allowing mobility to the ankle. It is also good that the leggings or shorts have protection in the perineum area to protect it from possible chafing. Wristbands and gloves are not required but help to dry the sweat.
Remember to be well hydrated during the class, because when you sweat, your body loses water and minerals that have to be restored with water or isotonic drinks.
Guided Classes
The spinning can be practiced by anyone regardless of sex or age as sessions are guided by a specialized monitor, the one in charge of helping everyone to achieve their objectives keeping the pace and the specific intensity for each.
This aerobic exercise, which was started by the American cyclist Jonathan Goldberg in the 90s, has reached great popularity. Some people buy a spinning bike to practice at home through online sessions.
The ease to be practiced, how quickly weight is lost, the fun classes and the well-being sensation are the keys for spinning success.
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