BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana

The World of the Comic Consolidates in the Dominican Republic

Four years ago an iconic element of Japanese pop culture has become in an inevitable event for lovers of comics. World Anime Fair 2016 showed not only that there are many interested in this subject in the country, but also well-known artists have found a very positive acceptance from fans in this comic technique.

In fact, one of the projects that raised more funds in the Dominican platform crowdfounding Jompé was Moro Studio, which raised more than DR $ 700 billion for its comic “Duarte as never before seen” financing.

This comic was just released on Feb. 27, the day when the country’s independence is celebrated and is consisted of six stories that will make us to see Duarte in a different way. The comic highlights the heroic, entrepreneur and action feature of our hero of the nation. Each story refers to subjects very little known by the people in general (his inspiration, romances, soldier times...). Based on historical facts sprinkled with a touch of fantasy they seek to extol the patrician figure to be a true model to follow by society and especially young people.

In addition to the stories of the hero of the nation, studies have developed other comics like “La Canquiña”, a story of five boys who participate in a science fair where unusual things happen; among other titles as “El Escudero de Razn”, “Brecheros” or “El espanta pájaros”.

The love of comics is gaining strength in the country and it was established at the World Anime Fair (FMA- acronym in Spanish), an event that launched its first version in 2012, bringing together exhibitors linked to Anime, Comics, video games, entertainment and Japanese pop culture. Since then, this project has surpassed each year the previous one. This year the two days-fair was held in the Sambil shopping mall in midJune developing activities like: Cosplay contests, drawing, exhibitions, workshops, panels, lectures, live music, contests and national and international artists, besides FMA is the first and only event host an international Cosplay contest, the “YamatoCosplayCup”.

This event has become in an opportunity for Dominicans that can also display their own creations. Studies like Papaya Comics, Alpha Eve or DrawMicStudios are marking the pace of Dominican comics with titles like “Más freak de lo normal” and “Sexto Ojo”. In addition, Herlynn Sánchez from DrawMic Studio and author of one of the funniest comedies of the Dominican Republic in vignettes format, El Gato, will publish the fourth copy of this funny comic.

Since 2011, the architects of the World Anime Fair, Ivan Cleto and John Neder, found the ideal excuse in the fans of the Japanese serials to get them all together in one place, then other activities were gradually added such as 3D design and digital animation, Dominican comics selling, lectures and activities, bands playing songs of anime and video games, AMV projection, concerts and anime films, Cosplay contests, manga and karaoke as well as card tournaments and videogames.

TEXTO: Geizel Torres ; IMÁGENES: Suresh/Archivo

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