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BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana

Feel good practicing Yoga!

Get physical and mental fitness. Stress and anxiety are a constant in our daily lives. Work, home, family ... are everyday concerns affecting our body and mind, but there are ways to get rid of them.

One is yoga, a physical and mental discipline originated in India related to meditation in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Yoga is considered a discipline that cultivates body, mind and spirit. Hindus explain that human being is a spirit inside a body made up of several parts: physical body, mind, intelligence and false ego. Your way to evolve is through self-discipline.

Breathing and concentration are keys to yoga. To achieve the balance between them, series of poses called asanas will be used to get the practitioner’s physical and mental welfare. These poses will vary depending on the type of yoga performed according to the goals pursued.


In this sense, we can talk about several basic types of yoga such as Raja Yoga or Ashtanga yoga, whose founder was the Indian writer Patanjali, author of the book Yoga Sutra (the oldest on this subject) which includes joining the eight limbs that constitute the ashta anga-yoga such as: yama (prohibitions), niyama (precepts), asana (pose), Pranayama (breath control), Pratyahara (eating like a bird), dharana (support), dhyana (meditation), samadhi (complete absorption).

Other types are the Jnana yoga referring to learning and intuition and the karma yoga or yoga of action or service for freedom of the soul.

There are other schools that are not considered essential, eventhough among them the yoga is well-known for its asanas aiming to make the body ready for meditation. This is the Hatha yoga. There is also the Bhakti yoga (devotional yoga); Kriya yoga (practical way of yoga); Kundalini yoga; Japa yoga or yoga with mantras; Tantra yoga; Kundalini Yoga (acting on chakras), among others.


What does this discipline bring me? Yoga seeks physical and mental peace. Thus, among its physical benefits we have the increase of flexibility, strength, endurance and energy. Meanwhile, the mental ones provide emotional stability, concentration or peace. Spiritual benefits such as calm, wisdom or integration are also obtained.


In relation to the question of who can practice yoga, the answer is very simple: anyone interested, as it is a practice that suits the needs of each person. Therefore there is yoga for adults, elderly, diabetics, pregnant women or children. The latter also suffers stress and yoga gives them signifi cant benefi ts. It is advisable to practice it as of age four and the fi rst thing they must learn is breathing control, relaxation and concentration.

They must see poses as a game and we must be patient because it is the only way to keep them motivated and get the desirable benefi ts as to increase their talent and creativity, their way to interact or self-control. In addition, they will increase flexibility, agility, self-esteem, memory and imagination.

As for pregnant it helps women to breathe properly and relax, which is very benefi cial for childbirth. In this case, the right one is Hatha yoga and postures like lotus, eagle, baby or cat, although they vary according to the period of pregnancy.

As it is a discipline constantly evolving, we can fi nd other types of yoga, such as laughter (that helps to release tension), aerial, dance, the specifi c one for runners, power yoga, therapeutic (for back and spinal column problems) or to lose weight. All of them will make you to lose weight, but now the most fashionable is hot yoga, which is performed at high temperatures. There are also vinyasa and fl ow yoga that are more aerobic. Besides burning calories the secret lies in the control of mental health and anxiety decrease.


If you want to start practicing yoga you can follow some of these tips: Choose a slower pace style like hatha yoga or yin yoga; practice it regularly (we recommend one to six times per week in sessions of 15-90 minutes); comfortable clothes, a clear and quiet space, a mat, barefoot or socks. It is recommended to have the stomach empty and to hydrate before and after each practice. It is very important to do warm-up exercises and a deep breath.

There is no excuse for not having a balance between body and mind anymore. Yoga is within the reach of all and its practice ensures concentration and well-being.

TEXT: Marta Marcos; IMAGES: Archivo / Suresh

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