BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
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State of the Art, Milonizar Technology at the Gym Lack of time is no longer an excuse to do not practice sport, the first Premium milon strength-endurance circuit has arrived to the Dominican Republic.

Just 35 minutes twice a week and your body will incredibly grateful for it.


Milonizer is an innovative biometric recognition system that automatically and in seconds determines the user’s body measurements. It sends measured values to milon CARE software and universal “brain” milon does the rest: the fully automatic adjustment of all Milon equipments connected allows the user to start training with matchless speed.


A. Measurement: af ter checking into milon CARE, the user stands in front of milonizer with bent arms and slightly bent legs. The system recognizes ar ticulation points with a camera and calculates all relevant body lengths as of data collected.

B. Data processing: the milonizer transfers data in real time to milon CARE. Thus, all milon training equipments are adapted to customers’ body measurements.

C. Training: when it is connected to a Milon computer for the first time, it suits to the individual user measures and stores data permanently in milon CARE. The trainer can fully be concentrated on determining the appropriate training resistance.


35 Minutes on the path to happiness. The milon strength-endurance circuit is the heart of the milon training principle. Only 35 minutes - one round of the circuit – gives you balanced total body training that cannot be surpassed for simplicity, safety, and effectiveness.


With the milon strength-endurance circuit, you train the entire “bodyguard” of your spine - upper body, torso, legs - in one set. Two endurance sets on a cross walker elliptical and an ergometer strengthen the most important muscle, the heart.


The process follows precision timing: exertion phases for 60 seconds each on the strength training equipment or four minutes for the endurance equipment. Phases of 30 seconds recovery between each.


Because the miltronic strength equipment works with electronic resistance instead of weights, you can train with varying levels of demand within one movement. Especially effective with eccentric exaggeration - training with increased resistance during the muscle extension - as well as with adaptive training methods with which the resistance is adjusted to the remaining strength reserves.


With its broad range and precise equipment adjustability, the milon strength-endurance circuit is well-suited for beginners as well as those who are more advanced as part of their performance training.


Thanks to the chip-card control, all circuit equipment automatically adjusts to your individual body size and training plan. This totally eliminates any setting errors on the part of the user, like excess or lack of training. At the beginning of a new year we will have to take advantage of this opportunity to take care of our body, not only for aesthetic reasons but for health, over time our body will appreciate that.

ADRENALINA The Atlético Sports Shop

Workout is completely healthy ... provided that it is done the right way. Practice a sport is rightly based on doing well the movements, being hydrated, adapting exercise intensity to capabilities and using the appropriate sportswear. A pair of shoe made for each activity avoids many problems and injuries and clothes are important as well. Fabrics used must allow freedom of movement and release perspiration properly.

In Atlético Punta Cana they are aware of the importance and have therefore signed an agreement with the specialized brands adidas & Reebok.

In the store Adrenalina Atlético Sports Nutrition & Accessories you can find everything!

TEXT: Almudena Haddad; IMAGES: Suresh

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