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Bugatti Divo, 5 million of pure dynamism

Bugatti Divo

The "ultra-sporty" version of the wonderful Chiron. This limited edition of 40 units produced by Bugatti is already sold at the incredible price of 5 million euros each. Launched at the end of August in the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California, the new model has been named Divo, and not for its exclusive divinest but in honor of the French pilot Albert Eugène Diwo, "Divo" for his friends, who in his 20s won the mythical Targa Florio twice, at the wheel of the Bugatti.

Therefore, the brand still follows the tradition of naming its cars with its legendary pilots’ name (Pierre Veyron, Louis Chiron, Jean Pierre Wimille, Meo Constantini…). This time was Albert Divo’s turn, who was a close friend of Pierre Veyron, and who ran for Ettore Bugatti in the second half of the 20's (he won the Targa Fiorio for them in 1928 and 1929), although he did it before for other brands achieving important triumphs.

This new Bugatti Divo is a highly evolved Chiron version, which just inherits its platform, so it can really be considered a different model as it undergoes major changes at the level of chassis, aerodynamic and suspension tuning.

An engine that does not give more .- The engine doesn’t change, it is still the same W16 8.0 tetraturbo of 1,500 hp that the Veyron and Chiron have, with its 8 liters of displacement and its 4 turbochargers (one for each semiblock of 4 cylinders), with the power announced in the Chiron, 1,500 HP and more than 163 mkg of constant torque between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm. As happened last spring with the Chiron Sport, there have been some criticisms (and disappointments) as it was expected that Bugatti raised the bar of its huge power to 1,580 or 1,600 hp.

But after the Chiron lost the title of the fastest car in the world snatched by the 453 km/h of the Koenigsegg Regera, in Molsheim have been looking for other qualities to emphasize (considering that above 400 km/h these differences are simply banalities).

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