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Flying cars are a fact

Flying cars are a fact

What would have happened if Bob Gole and Robert Zemeckis had chosen another car different than DeLorean in Back to the Future? What if the Ghostbusters car had been a 4x4 instead of the Cadillac Miller-Meteor? Science fiction, frequently, exceeds our expectations and makes us imagine the future with vehicles that have two clear characteristics: no pilot driving and they can fly.

Totoya, Airbus or Uber were looking for being the pioneers of this milestone. However, it has been the Dutch PAL-V who has the innovation and presented its flying car at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, the most important in Europe.

A technologically simplified and desolate future was represented in Blade Runner or Matrix but today, living in a world where "the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality" are a fact, we have designed drones with enough control to withstand significant burdens, why not make them bigger and more powerful until they can transport people?

Liberty, the PAL-V prototype, is a three-wheeled car that is four meters in length, two in width and 1.6 in height. Its main characteristic is that its configuration allows to circulate on asphalt, but also to fly over the air space. The conversion from one mode to the other is done in a time not exceeding ten minutes.

Safety in land is guaranteed by a dynamic curved stabilizer which provide a total range of 1,200 kilometers. A number that is reduced by half when it is in the air.

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TEXT: Alana Fernandez; IMAGES: Archivos