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Mazda fefying convection technology, design and performance

Mazda 6

Mazda Brand, distributed by Viamar Group in the country, characterized by car tech innovation, began operations with 50 cars in stock and today is a distribution network of more than 15 dealers nationwide.

Nowadays, the Group represents some brands like Ford, Kia and Lincoln and their different presentations as well. In the same way, it is also included the representation of automobile components such as Motorcraft batteries and Double King tires. The Commercial division of Viamar Group is a subsidiary of representative companies for Jac, Shineray and Gonow brands.

MAZDA, with the purpose of fostering innovation and brand relaunching worldwide, focused on the removal of what already existed and start over. The brand is determined to use internal combustion engine until 2030, which means that its vehicles will need diesel, still a long way to go, and for that, SkyActiv technology was developed


  • Fuel economy
  • SkyActiv Technology
  • Kodo design, globally recognized by its provocative, dynamic and sensuality of motion design.
  • Safety performance, besides providing driver protection against accidents, Mazda car detects other vehicles approaching from behind and therefore, prevent driver to get fined, Amet fines, because the vehicle keeps automatically within its lane.
  • Seamless connectivity between the car and cellphone avoids accidents and driver distractions

Mazda technology embraces a complete vehicle reengineering including new engines, transmissions, brakes, body and chassis, steering and suspension system ensuring a better energy performance while reducing fuel consumption, even common gas. As a result, the vehicle provides speed, outstanding environmental and safety performance, stability control, ease of use and driving pleasure.

The Mazda CX-5 has a bold exterior design with a seductive charm and maturity. A single expression of motion runs from front to rear, providing further aerodynamics, performance and maneuverability. The new soul red crystal color was created specifically to give an extra depth and amazing finish look, worthy of master craftsman. The light accentuates the beauty of Mazda’s KODO designs capable of transmitting speed sensations.


  • Design beyond KODO design
  • Performance Searching top performance.
  • i-Activsense AWD Protection for you and the rest of passengers.
  • Advanced safety Vehicle and driver always on alert.


The Brand carries in its DNA the Hiroshima challenge, recalling what this city was in 1945. Af ter the tragedy, rumour had it that nothing would grow in Hiroshima for 70 years due to radiation, but Mazda began vehicle production in less than four months. The idea was to develop a small tricycle with a freight car to clear away the rubble in the city and thus, the Company was part of the city rebuilding