BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana

Ecomotors, experts on business solutions

The Viamar Group, has exercised the leadership in new vehicles sales in the country for 4 consecutive years.

Part of this success has to deal with the new challenge, Eco motors, which was created in 2013 pursuing two main objectives:

1. Transportation solutions

The opportunity to offer our customers a full range of transportation solutions, from motorcycles to trucks, requires to launch the new Expert Campaign, because they are:

  • Motorcycles experts (offering a wide Line Up).
  • Truck experts (different models and brands, from 10 to 21 feet in length).
  • Vans experts (with more than 20 models handling cargo from 0.5 to 2.5 tons).
  • Truck experts for transporting products like the Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50 and the new van, Jac Frison.
  • Bus experts.
  • Undoubtedly, no one like Viamar Group have such a complete portfolio of options in one place, where customers after a brief tour inside the modern facilities, can buy EXACTLY the transportation solution that suits them best and “At the lowest cost of operation per miles traveled of their goods vehicle “.

2. Number one in sales

Ecomotors, Commercial Division of Viamar Group, number 1 in sales and service sector, is the big challenge that at end of 2016 represents:

  • More than 800 units sold representing 3% of the total number of new vehicles sold in the country.
  • Shineray ranked No. 13 among more than 100 brands sold in the Dominican Republic, being above many well-recognized companies from US, Japan, Korea and Europe.
  • Shineray in the vans segment, owns 33% of the market, ranked number one so that it is the most sold Chinese vehicle brand in the Dominican Republic, with presence in more than 80 countries. These figures demonstrate that it is only a matter of time that the paradigms on the quality of Chinese vehicles will disappear.
  • Regarding trucks segment from the same origin, Ecomotors owns 49% of the market, positioning JAC in first place with 36% of the fee.
  • The different recognitions of Ecomotors for manufacturers.
  • In just three years and by the end of 2016, Ecomotors has 42% of all sales of the vehicle market from the same origin.
  • The challenges remain greater, and to overcome them and continue growing, the following strategies and structure have to be developed: 2,400 m2 for vehicle repair shop service, 20 car service bays including 14 elevators and 15 specialized technicians, and the mobile 4-column truck lift “the only one in the country”.
  • 3 years warranty or 100kms, just like many recognized brands. Vehicle Loan
  • TAV (Technical Assistance Vehicle) for analysis of routes and fleets
  • The largest number of Service Centers all over the country including 11 branches and still growing every year.
  • Quickmobile or mobile auto repair service
  • More than 80% of spare parts availability
  • Training for drivers on preventive handling and how to prolong the vehicle life
  • Financial and operating Leasing
  • Among others

Each year, the Jac, Shineray and Forland brands launch new products to further strengthen their portfolio to please and benefit customers and thus continue to reinforce our first objective... offer the most complete range of transportation solutions to our customers...

One year ago the S3 was launched... there are more than 160 units in the market, as it is said in the jargon of the vehicle repair shop “that vehicle does not feed the vehicle repair shop. It has exceeded all expectations of quality and satisfaction of our customers.

Commercial Division of Viamar Group
Grupo Viamar is a pioneer in the Dominican automobile sector, summarizing its leadership the representation of Ford, Mazda, Kia and Lincoln, a global sum of advanced mobility solutions. As a result of its synergy for more than five decades, Grupo Viamar created Ecomotors, along with Kia Comercial, JAC, Shineray and Forland, versatile commercial solutions brands that provide services in a modern 5,000 square m building expanding the Ecomotors ability to respond to the highest level. Its modern “VAT” system for route analysis, the largest number of service centers throughout the country, mobile auto repair service and continuous availability of spare parts are strategic initiatives

Jac Motors
It is the major brand of the truck sector in China, which today has a thousand researchers, a European design center established in Turin, Italy and one more in the heart of Japan. For the propulsion of much of its models the consortium along with the prestigious North American manufacturer Cummins builds coupling rods.

Shineray is the Chinese Brand that has climbed amongst its competitors in the minitrucks segment. It is now the leader of this segment. Shineray owns a wide range and most varied commercial line-up vehicles. With these, they are delivering best quality at lowest possible prices for single and double cab minitrucks, that have refrigerated box trucks with temperatures down to -18 degrees. Over 2016 Shineray was the leader of this business segment and bets to be the best for 2017.

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