BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Marco Antonio Solis

Music: Marco Antonio Solis "For and with much Love"

Los Bukis" has been the confirmation that rules have exceptions and not all second changes arisen have to be condemned as the proverbial phrase says, probably popularized by the literature through the voice of the bachelor Samson when having a conversation with Sancho Panza says: " Sequels are never were good" (Don Quixote II 4).

The experience in Fillmore Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana, showed us that Marco Antonio Solis shone as much as in his first performance in this elegant and well-conceived show. Full too bursting and shrouded in romance coming from each song, the lounge witnessed one of the great singer.

"For Love, Love World Tour 2015" was the name of his other performance for the Dominican public.

His compositions are about three hundred and musical records, about twenty in more than 30 years of artistic career. This Latin-American talent, early riser of feelings and encounters with the most intimate of human beings, started the concert with the sounds of trumpets. As he beat the lyrics, a corner with a sign in big letters had to be found and letting no one to disturb him. It was a unique moment between the audience and the singer, very similar to lovers and then it would be said as the title of the opening song at 9:15 pm on November 28: "Do not disturb".

Lovely phrase "You have to sing to love every day" was the preamble to sing "When you remember me." Indeed the person who does not take it as a daily requirement, stop living the moment: love is a dripping and not a flood.

The shouts and applause never stopped following the sounds of "my soul is dying." The melancholy would show up with "No left side" and one of the best known of Los Bukis, "How did I fall in love with you?". The sound of drums and dancers movements gave rhythm to the stage when "You drive me crazy" was heard.

The connection was becoming massive over time. The people voice- choirs was in a harmony almost perfect. "Your prison", "Where are we going to end?", "Before you leave" were some of his most acclaimed classic songs.

The end came after more than two hours by singing “The loser" and lovers of his music remained hopeful when Marco Antonio Solis promised to return next year.

"Goodnight Dominican Republic, thank you for so much love," they were his farewell words. The audience enjoyed as usual when a genuine artist with an incredible emotional sincerity comes over. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was again a benchmark of organization and excellence in its international stage proposal.

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