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The First Railroads in Dominican Republic

Ferrocarril República Dominicana

The restoration period finished with the victory of Dominicans after the Spaniard troops withdrawal. The Spaniard courts ordered the deployment of their troops due to the high costs of maintaining them in war. They came to the conclusion that there was no need to carry on fighting over the Dominican territory. This event set the starting point for the improvement of communication channels in Dominican Republic. Over all of them, the rail was taking its great momentum in the history of the island.

It was not an islander kind of thinking. Simultaneously, in 1865, The train in the USA and Europe were tracing thousands of ki- lometers of railway across the countries to unify industrial zones with ports and with some other center of raw material production. The rail was considered one of the main elements of economic development by the end of the 19th century. Europeans rail firms boosted 2 projects in the country. The first one was Sánchez-La Vega rail and its ranches run 130 kilometers around the area. It was managed by a Scottish private company. The second was the 68-kilometer long rail that connects Puerto Plata with Santiago de los Caballeros. This one, on the other hand, was a state company called “Central Dominican Railway”. The construction of the second one was funded by the  Westerdorp of Netherlands banking house in 1892. This company handed out its percentage of ownership to Santo Domingo Improvement Company of New York.

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TEXT: Félix Suances; IMAGES: Suresh