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Bruxism: the awkward teeth grinding at night

Bruxism: the awkward teeth grinding at night

Maybe you have experienced it for yourself, or you may have suffered it by listening the involuntary gnashing of teeth from your partner's or children's in the silence of the night, a noise produced by the unintentional and mechanical habit of tightening the teeth. Something that is known as bruxism and that affects both adults and children.

Waking up with a headache, toothache, jaw muscles pain or even in the neck, shoulders and upper back, are frequent symptoms of this unconscious and involuntary habit of the chewing system that can lead to wear, chipping and breakage of the teeth, due to the continuous movement of the upper teeth over the lower ones as shear.
The feeling of tiredness, sensitivity, mandibular stiffness, facial and ear pain, difficulty or discomfort when biting or chewing and the clicking when opening or closing the mouth, are frequent symptoms. In some cases, there is a greater development of the musculature involved, which makes the face become squarer.
Diagnosis is usually based on a clinical examination and with complementary studies done by the dentist and supported by the patient's story or a close person confirming the bruxism.
Experts agree that although there are somatic causes, the high levels of stress, poor diet, depression and unrefreshing sleep along with the full of worries current lifestyle, are also the cause premature tooth wear. For children, certain neurological pathologies and the over-exertion in the school environment also influence.
Dental discharge splints are often used to treat and relieve the bruxism symptoms. It is the orthodontist who must indicate if the patient will improve with it and the hours you should wear it. The usual thing is during sleep, at which time, the discharge splints relax the jaw and protect it, as well as the teeth.


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TEXT: Francis Torres; IMAGES: Suresh