BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
medical tourism

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The Dominican Republic is an established tourist destination for sun and beach. But the island wants to offer more to tourists and therefore seeks to become a health destination.

There are many people who use their vacation to have a cosmetic surgery and save money. This fact has existed for several years on the island, but it had not been regulated until now. The need to diversify the sector and achieve the government’s goal to reach ten million visitors in the next ten years has made the Dominican Republic to worry about health tourism, also called medical or scalpel tourism. Professionals in this field believe that the island has the physical and medical structure needed to invest in this type of tourism, although they know that they must work all together to achieve it.


But what does the Dominican Republic provide to a tourist of this kind? The island has a quality and safety health service, as well as trained and credentialing specialists. This is crucial because the person interested in undergoing surgery, first looks for recognized professionals as well as the centers where they work. The person also seeks for services of financial and logistics support, translators and a good postoperative service, among other things.

The island is working on this direction. Both the government and doctors and other institutions know that a quality seal has to be created, a scenario for health tourism and a guide including the centers chosen for this purpose. It cannot be missed the international certifications for physicians and hospitals, because in addition to quality assurance they are essential for competitive differentiation.


Why medical tourism is booming? In many countries the prices of health are very high, to which must be added the lack of specialized medicine or long waiting lists for operations. This causes patients to look for alternatives in other countries and if they can also combine it with a vacation it is much better. This type of tourism is very common in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba and the Dominican Republic wants to join them.

Health tourism moves millions of tourists (mostly Americans and Europeans aged 45 and 65 years) and lots of money and its growth has been constant for some years. In addition, health tourists spend more money than those who choose destinations just for holidays. For this reason many agencies offer medical vacation packages having a very good reception.


Cosmetic surgery, weight loss, dental implants, heart surgery, alternative medicine, welfare or infertility treatments with stem cells is what tourists demand mostly. In this sense, the island will focus its offer of medical tourism in five areas: dental, welfare, bariatric surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics, all this by having a very competitive value for money.

Other attractions of the island are the good geographical position, the major hotel infrastructure, climate or Dominicans hospitality. The tourist tries to find safety and quality healthcare, with specialized care and good prices. That’s what you’ll find on the island.


How do tourists establish contact with medical centers? In the case of the Dominican Republic you can contact through agencies (the medical tourism packages), an independent medical facilitator or through the Dominican Medical Tourism Association. The contact can also be made directly with the General Hospital of Plaza de la Salud in Santo Domingo, or the Metropolitan Hospital in Santiago, both centers of excellence are fitted out for health tourism.

In short, the Dominican Republic desires a pleasant stay and welfare for tourists but not only based on the sun and sand. If you want to enjoy holidays abroad and have a cosmetic surgery or solve any surgical or health problem as well, who can resist?


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