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Chocolate Artisan

Chocolate Artisan

He grew up in Caracas, riding horses from the city to the cocoa plantations which let him know the smell from cocoa and his land. Venezuela history as the world's leading producer until the end of the eighteenth century had shown Moises Abraham Davidovits family the everlasting perfection about quality and quantity; being part of a productive and commercial sector that exported from eight to ten thousand tons per year.

"They were years of constant learning, work, sacrifice, and dedication, to turn the family heritage into my passion and my way of life", he told us while holding one of the more than a thousand chocolate bars he manufactures every day in his factory in Nigua, San Cristóbal.

He arrived at the Dominican Republic five years ago, after some years in the United States to continue his academic career in a Global MBA at the University of Tulane in New Orleans, which help him to create Chocolates Khao Caribe. "I wanted to open a local factory with the vision of showing the world that the Dominican Republic has much more than an excellent Cacao, but also world-class chocolates."

In Cibao heart, Chocolates Khao Caribe was born to recover and spread the culture of fine artisanal chocolate in the Dominican Republic. "The Cibao is the region where cocoa has developed the most."

An authentically ambassador of the Dominican Cacao Coast, he does the same also outside Quisqueya borders, because he is a hard believer that fine chocolate can be made beyond France, Switzerland, or Belgium. "It's about promoting Dominican chocolate abroad, to make it a country-brand, like Ron and Tobacco."

It is not surprising that his chocolate is valued by the chocolate makers from Japan or Switzerland, who joy its intense flavor and aroma. "We have won many international awards, and our product has been a reference in several trade shows, such as XXXX, where it was valued."

Today he is forty years old, and his passion has increasingly grown through the years; he is now dedicated to studying the cocoa market as a platform where cocoa farmers can improve their lifestyles through large-scale production of chocolates and its derived, and he is also focused on promoting sustainability and biodiversity in the Dominican cocoa industry. "There are large cocoa producers like Côte d'Ivoire or Ghana, but the cocoa quality in here is unparalleled."


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TEXT: Elena Crespo; IMAGES: Suresh