BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Gabriella Veggi

Gabriella Veggi. Architect by Profession

Snate about her profession, architect and interior decorator, she can't imagine her life out of DR. "It is unthinkable, there is no better country to live".

Having a strong personality and very clear ideas she is certainly the best representative of the country. 

Many years ago she came to be destined for DR, fell in love with the country, met who is her husband today without having planned she has spent almost half-life here.

The work of the Fishing Lodge at Cap Cana has her signature, although she states that when she joined the project was already devised. She supervised every stage, every moment and every stone until achieving the result we all can see today. She put all her energy on it, it was not easy and was very intense but she reached her goals at all times.

How long have you lived in RD? 35 or 36 years, I do not even remember!

What brought you here? I am an architect, I had my own company at that time in Italy. I received the proposal to build low-cost houses in Boca Chica when it was still a wonderful village. I did not hesitate, I left Italy.

Did you have your family right here? Yes here I met my husband who is Spanish but he lived here, he was Chief buyer of Iberostar. First, I bought a house in Guayacane, a fishing village, between Boca Chica and Juan Dolio. I lived there and raised my children right on the beach. Much to our regret we had to change residence and move to eastern part due to work. At that time we could spend four hours on the road.

Before staying in DR have you lived in other countries? Yes, I have lived and worked in other countries such as Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica... but I insist, DR is the best.

Why do you think this is the best country to live? For the people, all the people are extremely hospitable, foreigners are always welcome and they make us feel at ease from the first moment. "I would always advise to anyone to live here, it is the safest country for me. I'm so glad of having raised my children here, they have everything, although I understand once they reach a certain age they will need to learn about other cultures, to see the world. "


Architect How many employees do you have? More than 1,000 and now we will open an office in Aruba

Are other projects underway? I am working on the project of my life, DownTownVillage. All its extension where there is only land today, will be a huge and beautiful city.

A city in Punta Cana? That is so. It is a totally new, different concept from what we have in the country today. The development of new areas, which begins generally with the opening of a colmadón on a street, then the rest is growing. The downtownvillage is a very ambitious project, we will begin with the construction of an old part of town and from there the city will be developed. We will have school, college and even a hospital, all the services a big city needs. The plans shows a magnificent parking zone like "Central Park" with a large lake where you can enjoy with your family, take a stroll, workout...

When will works begin and how long will the project take? In principle the works will start next month. It is a project that can last about ten years.

Is the project structure already defined? It is a big project, 230,000 m2. It will be a city divided into blocks and each will have its own characteristics. The investor can buy an entire block of mixed business, there won't be buildings just for offices.

How do you visualize the result? It will be a combination of Saint-Tropez, Ibiza, New York…taking the best of each. The largest city of the Caribbean due to the standards.

Very personal

Which are your hobbies? I love animals, horses, dogs and now I have a monkey, Sofia is like my daughter. I also like painting.

What do you miss about your country? Nothing at all. I’m in love with the Dominican Republic, it makes me happy, I love it, I am passionate about everything in this country, its nature and what it can provide us. People talk about delinquency but I have never saw anything like that here, nothing has ever happened to me and I have been everywhere for 36 years. “When I arrived here there were only coconuts! The Portuguese restaurant was the first and the only one around here for years. The country is growing much, tourism has suddenly increased and that is great although development also has its negative side. This island was and is wonderful. By having a tourist pole now, I am convinced that the Dominican Republic is the best country to visit“. “After DownTownVillage project I will retire but I will stay here forever, in my beloved Dominican Republic”

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