BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres Cleries*, Laudio Audiology

There are professions that are innate; they are in your destiny since you were born. Something like this happened to Carlos Torres. He grew up in a familiar environment devoted to help people who have hearing problems.

His grandma traveled from Argentina to Spain becoming the first speech specialist and her parents have been prominent professors of deaf people and educational psychologist. They have experienced very close the reality many children and adults with hearing problems have to live with and for that reason, he decides to follow the family steps and makes his contribution to make life better for these people.

A wide experience in the field, headed by the management of the first world company for audiology centers is part of his curriculum. He is in charge of world web platform which reaches 4000 students worldwide, dedicated to audiology and hearing aid. In this sense, he provides training in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, USA and, of course, the Dominican Republic.

We had 34 Audiology Centers Laudio in Spain until we decided to move permanently to the Dominican Republic”. A change in life leading them to discover our country from inside

When did you arrive to DR?

We arrived in 2000, encouraged by some Dominican ENT specialists who studied in Spain. We started in 2001 so we will celebrate our 15th anniversary this October. During ten years we traveled a lot and lived in Barcelona, Africa, USA and Santo Domingo but my wife Cristina Fontcuberta and I decided to stay permanently here since 2011. The right management of my wife, a business organization expert, has been essential.

What do you admire most about the country?

I admire the possibilities at all levels and mainly the people’s willingness to learn. If the training policies tailor to reality there is a road ahead. I like the sun and the many spectacular places of the country as well as the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

How was your first visit to the country?

We were invited to a wedding at Las Terrenas in august, 2000. The wedding came early due to a hurricane and we spent the rest of the days knowing the capital.

Why did you choose DR for your professional practice?

It was because of the lack of ENT specialist and the urgent need to eradicate deaf-mute disorder. In 2001 we made an “Operation” during a week along with a Spanish colleague and 400 people dealing with ear conditions attended. A twelve years old girl came and she didn’t speak well and seemed to have a moderate deafness. She was not diagnosed before and that made an impact on me because she would not deserve a future like that due to ignorance. That fact made me to stay here to help people with ear disorders. We count on some social assistance for those who have very few resources.

Can these ear disorders be prevented?

Yes, of course. We encourage prevention through some audiology actions we do in companies, institutions, kindergarten, etc.. We supply hearing aids (ear plugs against water and noise)

What about the advance of technology?

The hearing aids for deafness or auxiliary ear have amazingly evolved: they are diminutive, customized and cutting-edge technology. Their chips are more powerful than those used for smartphones.

Do you have any future projects?

I want to create an Audiology Centers Network to reach any corner of the country, we have 13 centers today.

One priority is to keep Dominican children safe from deafmute disorder as well as to create a program for early detection of deaf since birth. Related to affected people, we will help them in hearing aid adaptation.

Another issue is that we want to recover the TV show “I’m all ears”. We also have been planned to open University studies on Prosthetic audiology and speech, voice and language therapies.

Ear health is very important: 65% of cognitive and language development depends on hearing condition. Keeping ear cells healthy helps human neuronal activity remains younger. When you realize you can hardly hear and confuse words, you have already 35% of hearing loss.

The hearing aid Oticom allows you to hear clearly human voices in noisy places, removes all irritating and annoying sounds and protects users from strong ad unexpected noises. Besides, they are automatic, easy to wear and use.

Actually, people can recover hearing if they are assisted on time. For this reason we advise people to make a hearing examination annually, starting from first year of school to adulthood.

*Audiologist, hearing aid specialist, professor and communicator

TEXT: Almudena Haddad, Esther Navas; IMAGES: Suresh

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