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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

One of the first and most important decisions that parents must make is the schooling of our children, since their future as adults will depend on that. There are many parameters that we must consider such as the languages, the scholar system, the school environment, the classmates ...

Aleli is an educational center whose purpose is to provide an adequate environment, which helps children development and growth, in all the areas. This new center has attracted our attention for its proposal: in the morning it offers pre-primary school or kindergarten for children from six months to five years and in the evening, it provides a great variety of services, a novelty in the area.

They emphasize the importance of parent’s accompaniment in the process of early education, where children can develop individual qualities. Inclusive education is promoted, according to the level of development and interest of each child, continually stimulating them to reach the highest capacity of their skills and competences.

The first six years of life are fundamental for the development of the human being. In this stage the child develops his psychomotor, cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social skills. Children are authentic sponges at this age, they learn in a very natural way reaching far beyond what we imagine, if we create the necessary structure.

The teachers and therapists, highly qualified, emphasize that "through knowledge we can understand the child's behavior and thus we can guide him to overcome the difficulties". Children are exposed to the use of Montessori materials, mainly those used in the areas of practical and sensory life. As the children grow, they focus the approach to their socialization and above all to achieve total independence as a person, always according to age and moment.

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TEXT: Almudena Haddad; IMAGES: Suresh