BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
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Honeymoon?, How did the tradition of newlyweds’ first trip begin?

Wedding celebration is a ceremony and a ritual with deep roots among different cultures and times that have gradually been mixed all together until having a whole series of paraphernalia very common in our present days.
In fact, the Dominican Republic has become the destination chosen by thousands of couples to say “yes” and spend their honeymoon in its paradisiac beaches. But, where does this tradition come from? What is the origin of the phrase honeymoon trip?
What is curious about the history of this tradition is that sometimes it was quite different from how we devise it at present times.
There are a lot of explanations about the origin of this old and popular tradition. One comes from the ancient Norse customs in the XVI century where the newlyweds used to drink mead (also called honey water) during the first lunar month close to the wedding rite. It is believed that such ritual could have given the name to this newlyweds wedding tradition.
In the Norse mythology, the “mead” was the only offering to Odin, who was the supreme God of German-Scandinavian myths. This drink resulted from fermentation of water and honey mixture, was drunk for the couple so as to be blessed by Gods, who, according to the legend, provided fertility to the couple, especially to conceive sons. The Teutons in the Middle Age, influenced by German mythology, celebrated weddings only on full moon nights, and the bride and groom had to drink honey liqueur during the next thirty days assuring to have a happy marriage and lots of children.
This custom of making a honeymoon trip could have its origin in the tradition of the 19th century British bourgeoisie. The newlyweds usually traveled after the wedding celebration to visit those relatives that, for any reason, couldn’t attend to the wedding. Thanks to these visits the married couple formally introduced themselves as husband and wife, taking advantage of the opportunity to explore new places while their marriage started. The rite spread all over Europe very fast and became more popular in the XX century. This was possible due to the development of transportation means and tourist activity. Today many destinations are available and many companies promote sites like our country as a place worthy of travel for the beginning of the marriage adventure.
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