BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Airport of Punta Cana

Airport of Punta Cana, Caribbean’s door

Punta Cana remains the most important tourist destination in the region and more than half of travelers arrive by its airport.

The development reached by the eastern region has a remarkable impact on the national economy. The Central Bank has published a report which states that our country is going through the good times and more and more people come to enjoy our beaches, the beauty of our landscape and the candor of our people. In this sense, the airports of our country, only in January 2015, received almost half a million of passengers which means a 7.5% more than last year.

Furthermore, it is signifi cance the sustained growth in tourist arrivals that is becoming a trend because the country has registered annual growth rates of 10% in the past 16 months.

Another interesting data as a reference for tourism businesses is that more than half of travelers who come to our country are under 35 years, which makes us a destination that offers many attractions for young people. It doesn’t mean that everything is partying in life, the older people have also found an opportunity for a relaxing holiday, so that 23% of all tourists are over 50 years.

Many factors have infl uenced so that tourism is enjoying this “belle epoque”. One is the combined effect of the recovery of the USA economy as the main source market and promotional efforts implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and the private sector in order to position the country as a preferred destination in the Caribbean.

It is often said that when America sneezes, Latin America gets the fl u. In simple words it means if they do well, we’ll do better. This is showed in tourism because the total number of tourists during 2014, more than half, was from North America and more than 700 000 came from the United States.

Visitors from Europe represent up to 25% while 12% comes from South America. Notice that the arrival from Central America has also been shown an increase, more than 5% came last year from the isthmus.

Punta Cana airport is the spearhead of the Dominican tourism

In recent years, another trend is that the airport of Punta Cana has become the main port of arrival since it received the largest number of visitors (290.194), equivalent to 66.6% of all tourists, followed by the Americas with 14.3%.

The northern part of Dominican also has its charm and Gregorio Luperón Puerto Plata airport received 11.2% of tourists while La Romana registers 3.1% and Cibao, 2.9%.

Just earlier this year, the Punta Cana Group inaugurated the new airport terminal. It is estimated that with this new terminal, the airport will be able to receive up to 1.5 million additional visitors in a year as well as to generate about 1,500 direct jobs.

TEXT: Geizel Torres; IMAGES: Archivo

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