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Discover Curacao in 48 hours

Discover Curacao in 48 hours

Its name comes from a liqueur made by maceration in alcohol of a variety of orange bitter rinds called laraha, originally from this Caribbean island, which is located a few kilometers north of the Venezuela coasts. Because of its extension, it is perfect to tour in a few days. From Santo Domingo to Curaçao there are connections with six weekly flights through different airlines. The journey is less than two hours.

Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, San Eustatius, San Marteen and Curaçao forms the Dutch archipelago. The Dutch came to this part of the world looking for a secure base from which they could continue their war with Spain. That is why the footprint of the European colonies still survives in its capital, Willemstad. It is a country with autonomy, besides it is part of the Netherlands. Its official currency is the guilder, but in commercial transactions it coexists with the dollar.

Curaçao has two official languages, Dutch and Papiamento, which is mainly spoken among the natives. Since this island is very touristy, in almost all restaurants, hotels and agencies they speak English, Spanish and Portuguese as usual languages.

On your trip to Curaçao you can enjoy the local cuisine which is quite caloric for its European and American influence. Fish, which is usually fried, is one of the "must" in beaches and restaurants. Veal or kid meats are included in most dishes, for example in soups, hotpot and stews. In emblematic tourist places such as the floating bridge or the Sea Aquarium there are street food stalls at very good price. Also, near downtown next to the Round Market, where the marketplace used to be, you can find now a large dining room, with long tables where you can eat Creole dishes.

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