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Spirit of Freedom Las Galeras, Samana

Spirit of Freedom Las Galeras, Samana

The everlasting Dominican poet Pedro Mir, outlined in one of his most transcendental compositions that the Dominican Republic is that country in the world placed in the same path of the sun just fruity and fluvial. A place that is not made to fall asleep.

The municipality of Las Galeras, on the eastern coast of the Samana Peninsula, is an example of it. It is not just a destination that awakes the interest of lovers of kiteboarding, windsurfing and laser sailing, but also just to lovers, those who find here an absolutely heavenly setting, splashed across the Atlantic, with a formidable marine and ground landscape. A place that evokes any dawn of the sixteenth century, which feared corsairs laden vessels just make out the coveted Dominican coast, after a long journey tracing expertly whitewater.

The destination is easily accessible from Santo Domingo, through the highway that leads to Santa Barbara de Samana, a municipality that stands out for its colorful colonial houses. It is a city with a large dock where every Friday a craft market is set up and matches with the cruise ships arrival. Interesting to walk around, look and buy some other woodwork, beachwear and semiprecious stones, among others.

From there, the way to this small fishing community at 28 km northeast of Samana ends in a hut on the beach. You can also rent a boat to access by sea. Las Galeras is still not a well-known destination, maybe that is why, it preserve that special charm for those that are considered travelers more than tourists.

Their hotels belong to foreign people from different origins as French, Spanish and Italian, captivated by this place, decided to settle and provide essential services to cater to tourism. Generally they offer packages overnight with breakfast included. All include resort, there‚Äôs only one. 

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TEXT: Alana Fernandez; IMAGES: Suresh