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Panama 48 hours in the Dubai of America

Panama 48 hours in the Dubai of America

Its contrasts that combine popular streets, traditional restaurants and luxury hotels, as well as its uncontrollable growth, make Panama the so-called Dubai of America. An fascinating destination, less than two hours far from Dominican Republic, to which many airlines offer discounts the whole year, both from Santo Domingo and from Punta Cana.

A country to discover, located in the southeast of Central America and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea (to the north), the Pacific Ocean (to the south), Colombia (to the east) and Costa Rica (to the west), offers a unique syncretism, which can be explore in a 48-hour visit. Would you come with us?

Day 1

A century with the same technology has allowed between 30 and 40 ships to cross each day from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, in both directions, through a system of locks. That is why the Panama Canal is a must in your place’s to visit list. See in situ from the Miraflores lock, the first or the last, depending on whether you look from the Pacific or from Gatun, a ship as big as a building go through a channel not much wider than it is an incredible experience.

Tours can be half-day or full-day. They all start in the Flamenco Navy where passengers aboard the ship to navigate the Panama Canal from the Pacific to the Atlantic in one day. On the way to the first set of locks, passengers can see the spectacular Panama Bay and its extraordinary buildings. After passing through the first set of locks, you transit 18 meters in two stages, the Miraflores Lake is crossed first, which is a small formation of fresh water that separates the two locks on the Pacific side of the Canal, until reaching Pedro Miguel’s locks. The place in where the Chagres River empties and the Centennial Bridge can be seen.

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TEXT: Almudena Haddad; IMAGES: Archivos