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Los Patos, between two waters

Los patos, Barahona

A seaside resort that invites everybody to spend an unforgettable moment at the most beautiful and natural destination in the South

The providence of Barahona offers attractive natural characteristics. It is a unique paradise that invites everybody to discover its natural resources different to what anyone could imagine of. It is known as the “The Pearl of the South”. It is a one of a kind place with virgin beaches, rivers, and green mountains. All this beauty mingled in one dream that is hard to be defeated.

Barahona counts with an amazing vegetation and natural resources that makes it unique and special. Among its varied attractions and biodiversity, there is an astonishing place called Los Patos (The Ducks) in the Paraíso district. The perfect symbiosis of river and sea tied up into a marvelous phenomenon.

An exuberant vegetation per fectly mixed with mountain and sea catches the eye of many visitors that decide to caters towards its natural richness. The river only runs for 500 meters. It is one the most visited fresh water rivers in Barahona. It is also considered the shor test river in the Antilles in which you might find a large variety of fish. This grants a very special magical touch to it. On the other side, the sea shows some incredible shades of blue that change their color as day goes by. All this together makes Playa Los Patos an idyllic spot.

It has become a popular spot for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kayaking. As a highlight, Los Patos has hold Su belleza y la mezcla de actividades se covierten en un lugar al que hay que volver, ofreciendo un espectáculo extraordinario para los amantes del mar y la naturaleza This fantastique place is full of blue sea water, white sand and some strong waves. Most visitors would like to return to enjoy every corner and discover more attributes bacana 21 some relevant competitions in the past few years. Amateur and professional surfers are welcome to this beach, even families have learned how to surf; however, safety matters and everybody needs to follow the regulations when practicing this type of discipline. If you are not fond of water sports, watching the beauty from the shore is a good idea too. The number of visitors has steadily increased every year, including local and international tourism. Every visitor gets amazed by the beauty of Playa Los Patos. This fantastique place is full of blue sea water, white sand and some strong waves. Most visitors would like to return to enjoy every corner and discover more attributes Playa Los Patos has.

General Information

Barahona is located in the western side of the country around 190 kilometers away from Santo Domingo and 378 kilometers away from Punta Cana. It perfectly mixes the best of many touristic locations, mountain, river and the sea. It is one of the most preserved areas in the country environmentally wise.


Around Playa Los Patos, there are many different eating options, seafood is the specialty as fishing is the main business activity around the area.

Paradise District

A small community that stands on fishing as its main economic activity, as well as tuber cropping and the tourism business. Its primary destination is the shortest river in the country. Its course runs parallel along the coast until it ends at the sea.

The Cave

Just a few moments from Los Patos River, just by the mountainside, you will find Los Patos Cave. You may access it through a little trail where tons of Pre-Hispanic petroglyphs cover the walls of the cave.

Refreshed Touristic Project

With the purpose of supporting a continuing development in the business sector, the Ministry of Tourism boosted a refurbishing project around the Los Patos Beach area that included walk paths with wooden fence that lead the tourists to the beach. Gazebos and kiosks also give a southern marine kind of touch to it. The surrounding architecture is the perfect complement to make the area a fantastic touristic destination.

Get yourself indulged! If you have not been to a seaside resort lately, this is the right moment for you to visit Los Patos. It is exotic, yet an off-the-beaten track natural destination. A natural paradise in which you may enjoy a pleasant and magical experience. The perfect combination of deep green mountain and the imposing Caribbean Sea.

The Green environment embraces a jaw-dropping dusk in the beginning of the night. For nature lovers, this is the right place to start up an untold and one of a kind holiday. Visiting Los Patos in Barahona is a must, when visiting the south of Dominican Republic.

How to get there

Take the scenic route towards The Mirador del Paraíso (Barahona- Enriquillo). It is a journey along the coast that will lead you to a dream trip. Los Patos seaside resort is located about 30 kilometers down the south in Barahona city, you will see it right on the side of the road. Sierra de Bahoruco takes pretty much a big part of the providence.


Bring adequate clothes and tennis shoes. Trekking and river shoes are recommended.
Sun blocking lotion and mosquito repellent.
Drink a lot of water along and during your trip.
It is more convenient to visit during the week. It gets quite crowded on the weekends. T
here are some interesting horseback riding activities available.

TEXT: Roira Sánchez; IMAGES: Suresh