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Esmeralda Beach, a secret paradise

Esmeralda Beach

A white sandy beach, with crystal clear water and palm trees is the image that comes to our mind if want to relax and forget daily stress. It is a scene that is repeated in the numerous beaches that exist in the Dominican Republic, but it is different in each of them.

The island is an earthly paradise whose beauty is incomparable. Sea and mountains make the country an ideal place to unwind and one of the best places to do this is Esmeralda beach.

By being an unspoiled area that few Dominicans know increases its charm. Located on the east coast is an area rich in vegetation and the contrast between the green of palm trees and shades of blue of its water is spectacular. It is a colorful game that enhances even more the attractiveness of the site.


By being a little known beach the possibility to relax is pretty much higher. It is not so hard to imagine lying in the sun or under the trees waiting for a dip in its clear waters. It is a fantastic picture that can become a reality here.

Sea sounds, with its calm waters and crashing waves, is another attraction of Esmeralda beach, a place that gets people, who knows, it to fall in love with it. The feeling experienced when stepping on its fine white sand is welfare and tranquility. It seems that time stands still and nothing else matters. The real thing is the beach and, for a moment, daily vicissitudes disappear. Peace can be breathed in Esmeralda beach, something that is reachable in very few places worldwide and highly valued in modern times.


To reach this paradise you should go first to Miches, a small fishing village, in the province of El Seibo, south of the SamanĂ¡ Peninsula, which also has its charm. It is not difficult to see the fishermen cast their nets into the sea as a stunning visual spectacle. From there it is still a complicated path worthy to cover because the effort is rewarded by the spectacular site.

  The sunsets are another unavoidable meeting in this corner of the island. There is nothing more romantic and beautiful than watching how the sun hides little by little behind the sea, whose calm waters are stained orange.


People who knows Esmeralda beach agrees by defining it as "a wonderful place, from another world, which makes people to fall in love with it at first sight", a corner that despite being on an island famous for its beaches is different from the rest.

Having kilometers of pristine beach with warm weather, it is an island that invites you to forget everything and relax. A place, Esmeralda beach, that is considered one of the best beaches in the country, a treasure to which you cannot renounce.

Certainly, Esmeralda is one of the best kept secrets of the Dominican Republic.

TEXT: Marta Marcos; IMAGES: Esther Navas