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Catalina Island, the other island of enchantment

Catalina Island

Catalina Island has become in a paradise enclosing the best of the country in just 9.6 square kilometers.

There is no other landscape similar to Dominican postcards like the one you will find in this destination: crystal clear water, white sand, sea and land fauna, in short, everything that our country offers, in a territory located in front of La Romana coasts.

Getting to Catalina Island is very easy. The boats leave from the marina of La Romana before 9:00 am on weekends. The good news is that most trips include transportation, drinks and lunch buffet on the island. The price may be between RD $ 2,000 and RD $ 2,500 per person, depending on the type of boat.

The tour takes about 20 minutes and many boats choose a route that goes along the edge of the coast of Catalina Island before reaching the dock. These areas are protected, but the clear turquoise waters offer a sight worthy of being looked at. Being lucky you can see colourful coral reefs and goldfish by looking at them.

Once on the island, visitors are invited to settle in beach chairs and to enjoy the sea. You can rent (or bring your own) snorkel and do a little tour. There are also groups equipped with a float that can swim about 100 meters from the coast to observe fish, stingrays and if lucky, seahorses.

For divers, the island is very charming. There are several points that can be visited for both novices and experts. One of the most famous places is “The Aquarium”, a pleasant dive where lobster, yellow stingrays and moray eels are part of the attraction. As it is just between four and ten meters deep, visibility is very good and it surely will be a quiet and relaxing experience for novices. The other dive site is called “The Wall” which is an impressive fall that reaches the Caribbean Sea. Inhabited by corals and vibrant fish, it is a required visit for diving and snorkel alike.

On the contrary, if you are the ones who prefer a peaceful and relaxing stay, this is also the ideal place. You can rest at the seashore under the shadow of a palm and the breeze blowing through the island, get a massage, and walk through a small craft market or a path enabled to take the most impressive pictures of the island trails.

Lunch including in most of the tours is a Dominican barbecue. Chicken, cutlet or shellfish (lobster when it is not close season) are on the menu, plus the usual rice with green beans and a bar of fresh fruit for dessert. Drinks (soda, water or beer) are included.

Most of the boats return after 3:00 pm but if you can wait a little longer, do not miss the sunset from the top of the hill, remember that this side of the island is one of the few where you can see the sundown on the sea, a show worthy of being seen.

It is important to take the sunscreen as well as mosquito repellent. You can also bring a change of clothes as there are showers and changing rooms. At the end of the day, you’ll undoubtedly realize that you were in one of our country’s paradises.


  • From Punta Cana

Take the Coral highway and after 70 kilometers turn to the right to reach the entrance of La Romana through the old road that will take you directly to the dock of La Romana.

  • From Santo Domingo

Take the avenue February 27 and Highway Las Americas until you get to the Airport. The same highway changes its name for Eastern Motorway. Drive to the village of La Romana, the journey takes about 90 minutes.

TEXT: Geizel Torres; IMAGES: Suresh