BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Loma Redonda

Loma redonda

Where silence and peace become allies. Do dreams go to rest, do you reach them, or do they fade away up in the heights? This was the question I had in mind while climbing.

The rocky and very dry way like a whitish dust snake, showed the curves and made adrenaline cared to win the competition. The left edge was the temptation to imbalance and a false move would make you to fall into space. The vegetation of the shaded green tree contrasted with yellow mango maturity. The fruits were lying on the roadside in view of the traveler fear to stop the vehicle and pick them up besides they looked tempting due to the color and huge quantities. The impatience to reach the top, stopped watches before the desire to reach the highest point and around this debate more than eight kilometers were walked that separated us from the top. “Loma Redonda”, had unwittingly become a challenge for the driver who only found a small sign at the entrance that indicated the start of the climb. Moving forward every steep meter requires skill and approaching to the space, enhanced the feeling of getting a breath of air to the lungs with the pure air just contaminated by human breath. Deep breath when the ground was stabilized and the sensation of gravity pulled on your back disappeared. Arriving at your destination involved the patience of a few minutes that turned into something more than the desire of the summit and the terror of the abyss.

How to hide so much wonder at that altitude? It is impossible to imagine that swings are waiting for us at 329 meters above sea level, and yes, those we found when we were children in any neighborhood park: steel ropes and wooden seat. You sit there and space adventure begins with movement. The panoramic view in which the different aquatic and terrestrial plans combine, are part of this magical world that delights the eye. The “Laguna Redonda” shows up with its salty waters and the almost untouched nature, only modified by walked roads and highways that can be seen from the distance as threads inserted in the landscape. The hammocks in every come and go, put you one step forward one step back between abyss and solid ground. Would you never imagine that a dream can move so fast between being and not being? You must try, it is like an endless landscape controlled by a movement where one foot on the floor makes you back to reality, a summit conquered by you. You are the winner of space, you are the challenger of a road that no matter how steep it is because your ability to move forward defeated it. “Loma Redonda” reduces elevation and sways you, makes you fly the dream that rocks back and forth as a swing rhythm. Your body feels the breeze stronger or weaker depending on your willingness to give more strength to your feet as motors.

The air escapes from the lungs, recovers and the wastefulness of enigmatic feelings after a day at the sea in “Playa Esmeralda’s “ crystal waters, is in the blue sky that seems closest to the so-called paradise. What do we keep? It is a difficult choice, “Miches” has given us differences that at the end join up together colors of blue sky and green sea a few kilometers away.

Enigmatic it is a chair, solitary that lays next to one of the swings for those who prefer to see dreams from a more earthly position. It waits if you do not like to swing or rock on a hammock, you sit on it, rest and even no matter how conservative you are, be sure to look beyond that bird passing through and by now it has matched up its flight with yours. It is also for you to settle in without pressure, without proper strength or from others that push you and you perceive that the world is as small as your closed fist or as immense as the swinging on the abyss that returns and puts you back on safe ground again agreeing with gravity, without time to think it challenge you to go ahead.

The round shape or any of the geometries of this place blessed by the heights will make you feel loved for what your feet can not reach. Your childhood will return for a moment in each swinging and adulthood, embraced by the years, will make a covenant between swings and sky.

TEXT: Tatiana Antelo; IMAGES: Suresh

Tags: Destinations

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