BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana

Impergroup, services for the construction industry

Service, efficiency and professionalism. Impergroup has offered services and products to the construction sector since 2010. It is specialized in waterproofing using all kinds of surface coating, resin pavements, walk roads, sport fields in different systems, marble flooring installation, ceramic tile floor and coraline as well as providing special coating systems to protect structures from water and fire damage.

The exclusive raw materials are produced for Impergroup and imported from Europeans manufacturers where quality control systems are applied.

Impergroup holds a firm commitment to offer solutions to improve the current waterproofing systems of big businesses and large complexes. Impergroup has 26 years of experience in the construction business in Spain. It has some offices in Punta Cana and Santo Domingo from which they monitor all their nationwide operation. More offices are to open in the near future. Panama, Costa Rica, Saint Lucia, Aruba and Jamaica are ready to receive Impergroup as the one and only high-quality service provider in the waterproofing business. Service is a key in the business for Impergroup.


Impergroup is committed to meet and over exceed the customers ‘needs by offering a large range of applications to all kind of supports, such as ceramic, metal, wood, and concrete. “We adapt ourselves to each project and clients´ requests to offer customized solutions” Impergroup A.Pereira Manager says.


This professional team is highly qualified and trained by the most experienced and talented experts in the business. They work hard to better understand each project and develop an overall view of each architecture in order to determine the design, the functionality, identify vulnerabilities, reduce performance problems and offer a full support to new business requests. All this cannot be accomplished without working closely with the customers.

We strongly believe that we could accomplish all that by training and educating our local labor. We receive European technicians and high qualified trainers 4 times a year for training the Dominican labor force. We look for having an up-to-date training over new techniques and procedures. We have successfully achieved a network of workers with high unity values, and committed to the company and constant training”.


We hold a well-planned and defined strategy. Impergroup does continuous personalized followups through trimestral appraisals that allow us to improve the current status and the effectiveness of each infrastructure installed and service given. Paying attention to details is the core of our business and that allows us to offer our clients an extended warranty of 18 months up to 10 years based on the performance of the material used. L. Fisteus (Impergroup Manager) says. L. Fisteus adds, “Each place requires a very specific material and certainly a determined concept. In industrial kitchens for instance, we install a free-bacteria zone with environmental friendly material that are also free to be in direct contact with food. Chemicals are not necessary to be used in the cleaning process as oils and fat do not stick to our antiadherent surfaces. On the other hand, we use different kinds of materials when it comes to designing a lobby. We intent to create a concept typical designed for a place like”.


A growing business with high expectations in expanding its operation which not only contributes with the economic dynamic, but also commits itself to the training and development of the local labor. This is a primary goal for Impergroup.

Many hotels such as Barceló, Karisma, Palladium, Iberostar, Royalton, NH Hotels, Excellent or Sirenis as well as other types of businesses such as Café Santo Domingo or Grupo Vicini have put their trust on Impergroup products and services. “Our commitment is to guarantee a high standard of quality in our products and services, it is our daily motto”.



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