BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Natalia Gaviria

Natalia Gaviria, The soul of Cosita Linda

When the Colombian fashion designer Natalia Gaviria wrote her thesis project in 2007, she was inspired by the fantasy of a woman in profile, Cosita Linda, and thus, gave life to the name of the brand, a fusion of her deep Colombian roots and the sensual flavor of the Dominican Caribbean.
Here in the Dominican Republic begins this journey, full of Latin charm, which has positioned Cosita Linda as a great referent brand in different countries and continents.

Mounting a great display of talent, Natalia has made a long passage in a short period of time breaking into the universe of beachwear and resortwear with her Cosita Linda brand.Here in the Dominican Republic begins this journey, full of Latin charm, which has positioned Cosita Linda as a great referent brand in different countries and continents.

During a pleasant talk, Natalia reveals us all the backstage of Cosita Linda and confess that all its products have the soul of handcrafts inside. She is an example of an entrepreneur because her involvement goes beyond the commercial gesture.

What are the strengths of Cosita Linda brand according to you?

It is an innovative brand, full of color, design, cheerful and very versatile. We are constantly setting fashion and we develop a design proposal very different from what is in the market. The final result of the garment as a whole is essential that’s why we do a previous hard work on the pattern designing.

What are the strengths of Costia Linda’ products?

The creation of a perfect balance among coordinates, textures, accessories and color is an added value to the brand. The use of handmade embroidery and accessories is a key feature of the brand.

Where do you find the inspiration?

I find it in today referents and international trends but mainly in the development of specialized researches carried out each season by a creative team. Every collection is inspired by travels around the world.

What about the materials?

They are unusual and colorful mixtures with a graphic load that find the inspiration in different places, handicrafts, world cultures (jungles, seas, deserts, fields ...)

Why did you choose DR for the commercial launch?

It was the best showcase we could have, a real opportunity. It is a country constantly growing. Tourists come from many countries and this allows us to embrace new customers from all over the world.

What is your challenge?

To be better in each collection to surprise our clients. It is a challenge for us to show more evolved proposals and to reinvent ourselves in each one of them.

What new projects do you have in mind?

We are working on two lines that will be unveiled in the second half of the year. It is a surprise, you will love it!

What can you tell us in advance?

We want to offer our clients a wider range of products: perfumes, home line, exercise... A whole lifestyle.

What is your commitment?

To offer the highest quality and a perfect service. For this, we work together with our most valuable resource: the human one that shapes the brand.

Next goal?

Keep developing online sales, is what moves the world today. Natalia’s desire is that her articles reach the entire world and represent a memory so they never forget us. That is done. Each item Cosita Linda is unique because they love what they do and is impregnated in the final result.

The secret of Cosita Linda

STAMPING: Design team makes unique creations for each collection.
PATTERN DESIGNING OR FIT: Must be perfect and fit any type of woman, thin or fat, from any continent.
DETAILS: Every stitch and hand embroidery make the difference of our products, it is a craft work.
QUALITY: The process begins with the selection of fabrics and first level materials that must have the latest technology applied as the UV protection, essential for the skin.
MATERIALS: Our accessories are unusually used for our sector: mixture of tights, embroidery, appliques...
BUSINESS ORGANIZATION: Natalia lives in RD and Colombia, she manages the whole operation in Medellín: production, administration, manufacturing and design.

Colombian Artisans

We work with a group of more than 200 women from low-income sectors in the city of Medellín (Colombia). It is a country of craft traditions that goes from generation to generation, from grandmothers to daughters and so granddaughters. We are committed to keeping alive this beautiful tradition that’s why we do social work with all these women, who need to move their families forward. Our relationship is based on encouraging and exalting all their creativity so that they can reveal all their talent and we show it to the whole world. Handmade products have a different value and are much appreciated by people in general, it is not the same to say Made In Colombia as Made in China.

The woman Cosita Linda

She is a sophisticated woman, spiritually young, today our date of birth does not set our age but our attitude towards life. She likes color, fashion, being beautiful and taking care of herself. It is a diva, her presence has a profound impact on people. She is cheerful and wants to express it through clothing. She loves details, is a traveler and appreciates the handmade details.

Cosita Linda in the world

Our eternal summer and the infinite beaches made me choose DR as the platform to launch the brand that now is in 45 countries and has today a very wide presence in the country: Bávaro, Punta Cana. Two own stores, San Juan shopping center and Hard rock hotel. Exclusive Boutiques in Hotels. Barceló Palace Deluxe at María Arcas store, Club Med, Riu, Royal Palm Plaza at Capuccine. Store, Punta Cana Village at Capuccine Store, Pearl beach club. Coming soon Blue Mall Punta Cana. Bahyahie, Tracadero-Iberostar Hotel Cabarete. In the near future we will open new outlets in Santo Domingo and other places on the island. We have a strong presence in Spain, especially in Ibiza, at the best beach clubs, including also cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Bilbao... Our growth is more than 70% per year in this country. It is also noteworthy to mention that there are countries like Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Canada and France where we have a franchise in the luxurious island of Saint Tropez.


Dominicana Moda. Mode City in Paris. Curve in Las Vegas. Colombia Moda. In other fashion shows worldwide we participate indirectly through our distributors: Mexico, Portugal, Paraguay...

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