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Photonic Medicine is the most used resource by skin specialists today. Its progress over the last few years has achieved excellent results in a wide variety of treatments.

Photonics is based on the use of various lasers depending on the area to be treated. They are concentrated light beams that remove dead, damaged, or discolored skin to reveal new skin without any spots on the treated surface. Because of all the benefits it offers, it has been called "skin rejuvenation."

Several photon technologies applied in medicine have shown that it is very efficient for skin care and treatment.

The Salón Bana management, aware of these advances, has selected the best specialists, as well as the newest equipment in photonics. To be introduced to this world, we talked to Dr. Sandra Patricia, who leads this area from the Salón Blue Mall, and explains to us the different treatments and processes that can be carried out in situ.

Patricia emphasizes the importance of medical diagnosis before starting any photonic treatment. A specialized dermatologist analyzes the patient skin, and then therapies are performed following those guidelines.


"Photonics does understand colors, so each skin tone requires a specific selection of lasers. Four and five are the most common phototypes in the country, which are quite dark skins, but we do not forget the lightest skins toasted because of the sun. In this case, it is important to treat the lesions beforehand."


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