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New hair transplant methods

New hair transplant methods

Is it the aging or today's life stress? In the fateful Oracle of Delphi, hair loss does not forgive anyone. "Celebrities" are not an exception; there are many actors and actresses, athletes or TV characters who decide to take a step forward to fight their early lack of hair through the latest techniques.

Once opened Pandora's Box, hair implants are no longer taboo. There are countries like Turkey, where they have become an attraction for health tourism, seeking innovation and the latest methods.

According to experts, not everyone should use the treatment. First, hair loss should have stopped, which implies that age is also important in men. Patients with dark and coarse or curly hair will have much more visible results with an aspect of greater hair density.

Gender is another factor that may affect the procedure success. Baldness appears differently in men and women. Men have hair loss concentrated on specific areas. Women have it distributed throughout the scalp. Also, there is less availability of hair follicles to implant in girls.

Many factors can affect hair implants success if you don't go to a professional surgeon. Extracting the follicular units or the treatment of them before they are re-implanted, they are both extremely important techniques.

A good specialist should be clear about the results the patients can obtain based on their characteristics, without creating expectations far from reality or their possibilities.

Between 1,000 and 5,000 units may be required in each session depending on the technique used, and the ideal hair density for good results should be from 30 to 90 follicular units per square centimeter.